Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Ripped Jeans

Albert Howard

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Ripped Jeans

At one point, some of the lesser-known heroes realized that because his favorite gene had made a hole in the knee or a few pieces in his thigh, there was no law that required him to throw himself in the trash. In fact, he may have noticed that his worn-out denim looked ugly. Some of it is history. Even from then on, the boys turned to cracked jeans in an attempt to deliver a punk rocker, grunge superstar, or favorite musician. But nowadays there is a wide range of pre-ripped jeans on the market, and they are not all perfect. In fact, ripped jeans, which can be professionally printed on a rack in a designer store or designed DIY style, are one of the easiest things to make. Thats why weve put together these (very detailed) guidelines for living the next time youre looking to tear things up in the denim world.


Here are the patterns we need to break into different types of colors that may be on your jean:


  •         Holes, which are places in the pants where there is actually a window visible through the curtain (and as a result, at your feet).
  •         Sub-rule A: The holes should not be wider than the leg gene and look great when designed straight at the leg.
  •         Sub-rule B: Holes should not be more than an inch high when standing. When you sit down they will only expose your knee or leg, but anything over two inches gets dicey.
  •         Shreds, which are the only areas where the fabric is torn, but the fibers remain, covering the hole.
  •         Fractures, which are small brushes or scratches on the fabric, usually between the edge and a quarter in size. 


This is where most of the boys slip. They know they want to buy ripped jeans for women, but they end up buying a pair or making a pair where everything is out of place.  By this, we mean that you should ask yourself an important question before wearing ripped jeans. It’s simple: Are these real rap can make in real life? In other words, if you have a big hole that exposes your husband’s thighs (something even character god Kanye West got into an accident recently), then you know something is wrong. As such, holes and shreds should not be below your middle shin unless you are broken by a chihuahua on the way to lunch.

Yes, there are legal options, and that is when it comes to scrapes. Because they are usually small and do not expose your legs to the ground, they can actually go anywhere and of course, are often displayed near or in the pocket. 

Rip Count

After another serious GQ brain trust deliberation, we came up with the following, more scientifically torn number we feel a guy is allowed to have on his jeans: two and a half. This means you get two well-placed holes, two shreds, or one individual, as well as a scraper (which we only count as half a tear). It may seem like a solid number at first, but it will give you the rebel traits you are looking for without appearing too Diddy-like or try-hard. (Even if at this point you may be feeling like you have all of these little more.) 


Before designing your gene, it is important to choose the exact type of cracked jeans/tension of your body, shape, and type of event you are looking to attend. The torn Madenim varied in their grief from slightly loose ripped jeans with ripped pears to ruffled pearls. While some pairs are great for a night out with the boys, a banquet, or a party at home, many naughty jeans do not look as smart as they used to and are not suitable for the office. 


Dressed in a black coat or a soft white, ripped jeans can give you a rough look no matter what shape you choose. Make a difference by pairing a pair of washed jeans with dirty t-shirts or contrasts. Arrive with a cover or watch and your favorite silver necklace. 

If you are going on a date or event to start a business, replace the tea with a dress shirt. A casual-button-down shirt and other work boots or dress shoes will make you turn heads on any occasion. Simple shirts work well but don’t be afraid to pair them with patterns or denim shirts. 


For heavy-duty jeans, you can add a soft blazer to enhance your look for night or day wear. Blazers are best suited for net-shirts or shirts. With shoes, try on a loaf or boots. You can also throw on some high-top white or black sneakers depending on your daily plans.

If blazers are not your thing, choose a suede or leather jacket. Black, tan, and brown are the best colors for anywhere with jeans. For colder months, try a long jacket with a light turtle neckline.