Executive Protection in a Big City

Rohan Mathew

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Individuals, when visiting a big city, often worry about their safety and security. They recognize they are in unfamiliar surroundings and might not know which areas to frequent and which to avoid. Sadly, the global pandemic brought about a surge in crime in major cities across the country, leading people to feel less secure when moving around in one of these places. Executive protection services benefit many high-value targets today, and now more than ever men and women need professionals of this type. Thanks to a surge in shootings and violent crime, a person cannot be too careful. How should a person or company go about choosing executive protection services today?

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Consider the experience of the executive protection team. Do they handle tasks of this nature routinely or provide other services and offer to add this one on as well? Look for a company that hires individuals from both private and public investigations sectors to get a variety of experience, and ask about the team’s areas of expertise. Don’t take the company’s word when it comes to experience. Call references provided by the team and read reviews online. Many providers share reviews on their website, and this is a good place to start the search. However, look at reviews on third-party websites as well to get an accurate picture of the company and its offerings.

Speak to friends, family, colleagues, and friendly competitors to see if they have used the services of the team in the past. When doing so, recognize that their circumstances may have been different, which people should take into account when selecting a provider. However, they can be of help in providing information about the professionalism of the team, the communication between parties, and things of that nature.

Licensing and Permits

People might choose to hire a provider without checking their licenses and permits to save money on this service. Doing so could mean the difference between life and death in certain situations. A person looking for executive protection should only hire those providers willing to share their state license, which allows them to handle investigations and security matters. For instance, companies in New York offering executive protection often demand their employees have a state-issued security guard license, although there are exceptions. Anyone currently active in law enforcement qualifies for a position in executive protection in the state.

Individuals offering executive protection services in Florida, in contrast, must possess a Class C/CC Private Investigator’s license and a Class G Statewide Firearms License to provide armed protection. Alternatively, men and women offering these services in Florida may secure a Class D Security license and a Class G license to provide armed services in the state. Clients need to research the requirements of the state and ensure they hire someone that meets these requirements.

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Ask the executive protection team about the technology they utilize to keep clients safe. Surveillance cameras serve as a good example of the use of technology in client protection. The team might place cameras around a property to monitor activity without placing team members in unnecessary areas. Security alarms assist in this task, and the team will use communication devices to stay in constant contact and share information pertinent to the security detail.

Individuals working in executive protection must be familiar with technology for another reason. Countless threats today result from the use of technology. At one time, United States presidents couldn’t carry a cell phone for fear of someone tracking them through the phone. Life is no longer this simple. Today, criminals find they can hack the steering and brakes on a vehicle or alter a residential alarm system using technology. An executive protection team must recognize this and identify all threats to keep the client safe.

Establishing Priorities

Men and women hire executive protection teams for a variety of reasons. When hiring a team, the client must identify areas of concern and share them with any team they are considering hiring. By cross-referencing your needs with the skills and experience of the team, it becomes easier to determine if the team is a good fit. However, prepare for the team to conduct its own security assessment to determine if threats exist the client remains unaware of. This ensures each client receives the highest level of protection at all times.

When speaking with different executive protection providers, share upcoming travel plans. The team must know all potential security issues, and a visit to Chicago requires the use of different measures than a trip to Dallas. Cities differ in a variety of ways, and the team must identify and address the threats associated with that location. The same holds true when traveling outside of the country. Furthermore, the team needs to ensure all members remain within the law when working outside of their normal jurisdiction. No person wants to find they are without protection as authorities have detained their team members for one or more reasons.

Background Checks

When a person hires a security company to provide executive protection services, they assume the company has carried out background checks on all employees. However, the client should also conduct background checks on all team members. Although this might seem repetitive, a person’s safety and security remain priceless. Spend the money to know you remain protected when you bring in this team to keep you safe.

Once you have obtained these background checks, ask for those conducted by the executive protection team. See if the information matches up. If it does not, the team isn’t doing a thorough job and you should consider other providers.

If you have yet to hire an executive protection team, take time to research various providers and find the one that best meets your needs. For those who already have a team in place, it might be time to take a second look and see if they are meeting your needs. Times are changing and unrest has become widespread in America. If you have any doubts regarding your safety and security, take action. This falls on you today, as each person must take responsibility for themselves in these troublesome times.