Why Is P.E.T. Felt Today’s Top Acoustic Material?

Rohan Mathew

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As we move toward the WFH environment, the demand for innovative and sustainable acoustic designs increases. Felt made from PET plastic is an excellent example of innovation in the felt tile sound damping industry. Made from recycled water and soda bottles, PET felt has carved its place as an industry standard. 

However, not all PET is created equal. This article discusses the many benefits of PET felt and how to choose the best manufacturer. As this material gets accepted more often into mainstream installations, you must know how to fit your space best. 

Examining things such as the noise reduction coefficient, companies’ manufacturing process, and company testimonials can help you make an informed decision. Continue reading to learn all you need to know about PET felt wall tiles and their acoustic properties. 

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What Is PET Felt?

PET felt uses recycled plastic from water and soda bottles to create a durable yet soft material. 

Because of PET felt’s structure, it has excellent acoustic qualities and offers solutions for anybody looking to outfit their home or office. 

Panels, tiles, and partitions utilize versatile materials that work for spaces of all different shapes and sizes. You can implement these tiles into both commercial and residential settings, and they fit on every wall. They could even fit on the floor, but that’s just silly. 

One of the most apparent benefits of using PET felt is that it provides environmentally friendly acoustic design alternatives. They let you be both environmentally conscious and stylish. 

When deciding on your PET felt provider, make sure you stay away from imposters. Businesses  may claim they use certified PET when they use imitation felt. 

Doing Your Part 

PET fits in perfectly with today’s mindset regarding quality and performance in every aspect of life. Whether you’re referring to the food that people eat or the products they purchase, people want to know where their products come from and how they help with sustainability. 

PET fits in with the mindful living approach to the food and beverage industry and brands looking to provide products and services to their customers holistically. 

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Why Use PET Felt?

Acoustic paneling’s primary benefit is its versatility. Buildings have different acoustic needs based on their size, shape, and height. They also have different needs based on interior design and branding. Some rooms might have higher ceilings and require more extensive felt panel designs. Other spaces may only need small percentages of the space sound dampened. Regardless of the room’s needs, felt panels are a one-size-fits-all product. They are easily customizable and can meet the individual needs of any space. 

Additionally, PET is attractive. Every space has specific design needs for color, pattern, and style. With other options, you might wind up getting uglier patterns and styles. What makes felt attractive is that it can be shaped, folded, and colored according to your specifications. 

The Benefits of PET in designs

The many benefits of PET show up in different ways. This sustainable material’s main benefits pertain to its appearance, quality, reliability, and easy installation. 


PET felt has a sleek appearance that looks brand new. It’s also easily customizable, so you can let your creative side speak when designing your sound dampening installation. You can use PET wall panels to decorate your wall panels, ceiling baffles, or desktop screens.

Their color and flexibility are ideal for anyone trying to design an appealing piece of art without spending too much time. 


Lightweight, durable, there’s nothing PET felt can’t do. Its construction makes PET felt ideal for designers looking to build acoustic designs that utilize all of the advanced properties. 

Proven Safety and Reliability  

Because of PET felt’s construction, you rarely have to worry about replacement or malfunctions. The felt is not only sound-absorbent, but it is also stain-resistant. With this material, you no longer have to worry about your children or some freak accident ruining your design. 


Another excellent benefit to PET felt is its easy-installation. You can install elaborate fixtures in the afternoon. 

How Do You Choose the Best Product?

As with any commodity, PET has a wide range of products and pricing. Finding a company that aligns with your needs and that knows the industry’s best practices. Companies are also liberal about applying the term “green” to their products, so you need to do your research regarding your PET felt. 

Your PET shouldn’t use Red List chemicals, and they should contain very little VOC. Other examples of harmful chemicals used in imposter PET felt are flame retardants that prevent dangerous substances. When using PET, you want to go with a transparent company that gives comprehensive quality analyses on their products. 

Noise Reduction Coefficient 

Some sustainable noise-reducing materials don’t have very high noise reduction coefficients (NRCs). These materials don’t accomplish their aim. 

When choosing your felt tile acoustic material company, make sure you choose one with a high noise reduction coefficient. Some of the best companies have noise reduction coefficient numbers higher than .30. 

Conclusion- Why Is P.E.T Felt Today’s Top Acoustic Material?

Today, decorating your home or office focuses on providing sustainability and environmentally-conscious materials. PET felt is the perfect marriage between sustainability and performance. 

PET felt works regardless of the room you want to outfit, and these recycled plastic wall tiles offer easy installation and removal. You won’t have to spend hours trying to figure out complicated configurations. You also won’t have to ruin your walls when you decide to take the installation down. 

Most of all, PET felt performs beautifully when examining its sound dampening qualities. If you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to reduce the noise within your environment, it is an excellent click here choice.