7 Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Costco

Rohan Mathew

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Costco is a great place to shop, but also to work. Is there anything more valuable than your own membership in Costco? Having a Costco card means that you not only have access to everything Costco has to offer, but also that you are a loyal customer of the brand.

Everyone knows that the aisles of this spacious shopper’s haven are loaded from head to toe with endless products in all sizes possible… though it’s mostly huge bulk sizes!

You likely know all about the pleasures of shopping for steals when sampling the items while walking down the aisles of your local store. However, the key tricks you may not know are to explore the many hidden perks, fun facts and options within your membership.

Here are some of the best tips and hacks to consider when shipping with Costco.

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1. Costco is there in your time of need

Of the millions of different products that Costco currently sells, two of the craziest (yet often unknown) items are doomsday supplies and caskets.

With the business of end of days preparation and death always being in full bloom, it only makes sense that Costco caters to these two markets… as they already do for pretty much everything else.

2. Instacart makes Costco shopping fast and easy

As much as we all love Costco, there are probably only a very small fraction of us that actually enjoy walking down all of the isles and dealing with the massive traffic in the parking lot. In truth, sometimes it can be quite a headache!

The good news is, Costco has partnered with Instacart, which makes shopping at Costco and getting home delivery a whole lot easier. This has been especially useful during the age of Covid-19.

As reported by GigWorker, in reference to how much Instacart costs, they had the following to say:

There are some exceptions. In Canada, the service fees are 5 percent and the delivery fee is $5.99. In New York City, the default delivery fee is $5.99. One-hour delivery pricing is $7.99 plus a 5 percent service fee.

3. Benefits for Employees.

Costco sets the hourly minimum wage at $14 an hour, which is in addition to delivering insurance coverage to all staff, inclusive of their part-time or full-time status.

After my time at Costco, employees offered the store free memberships. Every employee even had a free turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. In comparison, Costco paid its staff time and a half for Sunday jobs.

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4. Costco is one of America’s largest pizza chains

Costco is one of the country’s largest pizza sellers. They are only behind giants such as Chuck E. Cheese and CiCi’s and much more than California Pizza Kitchen’s nearly 265 locations. However, after the Covid-19 effects, they might now be leading the way.

If you feel like your local Costco isn’t a real pizza shop, maybe you should call the “Pizza Hotline,” that allows the customer to call pizza orders in front of you, will convince you otherwise.

And if you want another crazy fact about Costco’s pizzas, each of them have over 1.5 pounds of cheese – a whopping 24 ounces of cheese is added to each pizza!

5. Costco is the largest importer of high-end French wines

Costco employs Annette Alvarez-Peters, the top buyer of wine, who is considered one of the world’s most influential buyers of wine to run the vast wine company of the retailer. “Costco is the world’s biggest importer of high-end French wines,” according to a 2012 CNBC report.

As with the liquors mentioned above, the Kirkland wines are typically just weaker versions of some well-established wines.

  1. A great destination for health food

People who haven’t shopped at warehouse clubs may think that “the buying mindset in bulk” means that the aisles are lined with fast food. Although Costco sells cookies and candy bars, there are plenty of healthier choices if you are looking for that.

Greek yogurt, chocolate wash, protein powder, and lean meat are just some of the products on Costco’s shelves.

And there are tasty apples, oranges, berries, salads, and more in the food section.

7. Travel deals

If you are looking to jet set into Europe or take a Caribbean cruise, your membership of Costco will help you save your holidays. The business provides savings on rentals, hire cars, deals for theme parks, cruises, and many more.

As a result, the company will earn group discounts by booking together that you cannot get (like the way they get bulk discounts in the shop), the reports in the Huffington Post.

Travel experts with Costco will also help you plan and book your vacations.

8. You can go to the pharmacy as a non-member

You will do this without buying an annual membership in the club if you live by Costco and want to pick up your prescriptions there. But don’t believe you can easily grab one of the employee’s membership cards at the door.

However, as great as the pharmacy at Costco is, you can’t try it out without an active membership.

9. Costco is Great for Car Buying!

Nobody likes car shopping, but you can have fun when you use your Costco membership to see what new driving options are available. The Costco Auto Program works with thousands of auto dealers to trade for you at low prices, so you don’t have to sweat the traffic.

It can be slightly overwhelming to feel like you are car shopping while at Costco, but it’s definitely a new and exciting experience that is worth the time and effort. Outside of the car buying experience, you are also surrounded by endless products, shopping carts and customers.

Costco is a Super Fun Place to Visit!

When it comes to Costco, we could pretty much talk about the store, it’s products, memberships and secret facts and tricks all day long.

And thanks to the power of Costco fan blogs and websites, there is pretty much an endless supply of crazy facts and secrets about everyone’s favorite shopping store.

With all of this in mind, now that you know more about Costco than ever before, be sure to remember these help facts, tips and tricks the next time you visit their location. Not only will this help you save some money, it will also make your shopping experience more fun and exciting!