Fitness Goals for Men: How to Set Realistic Targets for Yourself

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Exercise and training regimens are healthy practices, but  90% of people tend to stop after 3 months. Signing up for gym memberships and dipping out after a few months is a common occurrence. People might not be seeing any results, or the workout may no longer be fun.

You might be part of that 90%, stuck wanting to improve your health but unable to do so. However, you can also be part of the 10% that perseveres and pushes towards their goal. So, stop wasting your time and money because what you need is a game plan.

The secret to success for your workout goals is setting up realistic benchmarks. You want goals that you can achieve with your capabilities.

Today, we will look at how you set those achievable fitness goals for men.

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  1. Evaluate Your Circumstances

When setting up fitness goals for men, knowing the circumstances at hand is an important factor. You have to know what you have and what you are up against. This will help you take note of how much time you can set aside for your workouts.

Also, factor here the amount of rest and sleep that you get. Having seven to eight hours of sleep is a crucial thing for better performance. Not to mention, you’ll find it easier to stick to a schedule if you’re well-rested.

  1. Set Smart Goals

When you work out, make sure that you work hard and you work smart. Set realistic goals that you can achieve.

In this case, be specific with your targets and make sure you can achieve them within the timespan that you set.

For instance, for a weight loss goal, you can aim to lose 10 kilograms/22 pounds within six months or so. Make sure that it is a goal that you can achieve within that period.

  1. Set Methods to Achieve Fitness Goals for Men

When you have your fitness goal in sight, you also have to plot your course. Make sure to keep a line of exercises and diet plans to achieve the goals you set. Ensure to have the right exercises with the right amount of reps targeting what you want to improve. It will help if you find an activity you enjoy, lifting weights can be tedious and become boring, if you enjoy martial arts enjoy a MMA Townsville gym for a more enjoyable workout.

If you happen to do CrossFit, aim to achieve all those reps by increments. It can be tempting to do the whole thing as is but start small. You’ll want to walk before you run to ensure your foundations are solid.

You also need the proper diet, so watch what you eat. Supplements can also help with the process. You can read more about supplements here.

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  1. Reinforce With Rewards

Positive reinforcement also ensures that you have fun. Staying fit is easier if you have something to look forward to when you achieve your goal. Make sure, however, that you don’t go overboard with it.

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Set and Reach Your Realistic Fitness Goals

Once you have realistic fitness goals for men, you can see how being fit becomes possible. Now, all it needs is dedication and persistence to reach it.

But why stop with setting attainable fitness goals? We also have other articles covering health, wellness, and fitness tips. You can read more of these articles today!