Five Case Types Handled by Personal Injury Attorneys

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Personal injury lawyers handle several types of lawsuits, including general personal injury, wrongful death, torts, and premises liability. Suppose you get injured or a family member dies due to someone’s negligent or intentional acts. In that case, you will need to get compensated for the injuries, damages, lost wages and salary, medical bills, and emotional distress brought about by your incident.

In most personal injury cases, proving negligence can be challenging; hence the need to consult a personal injury attorney. In this article, we shall look at the different cases that personal injury lawyers handle.

What Kinds of Cases Do Injury Attorneys Handle?

  1. Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assaults are the most complex cases to deal with as one will have to prove sexual abuse. Sexual assault does not necessarily mean rape, but also includes indecent touching and sending or requesting pornographic images. 

While filling a sexual abuse lawsuit, you will need an attorney to prove your allegations and take the case to trial. Ensure you hire a lawyer you will be comfortable with, as it can be tough opening up about your assault cases with someone who doesn’t seem to care or feels the action was your fault.

  1. Premises Liability Cases

Property owners have a duty of care to their tenants or visitors visiting their premises. With this in mind, when one is injured due to a property owner’s negligent actions. The state requires the property owner to compensate the injured person. Premises liability cases include slip-and-falls, dog bites, poisoning, and swimming pool accidents. 

However, it’s important to note that if the owner can prove that there were warning signs in place at the time of the accident, it can be quite difficult to get compensated hence the need for a lawyer.

  1. Malpractice in Medicine 

Malpractice in medicine takes place when a doctor, nurse, surgeon, or another member of the medical profession participates in a careless activity that causes harm to a patient. These may include the wrong diagnosis, administering the wrong medication, and performing surgeries on the wrong body parts. 

Medical practitioners owe a duty of care to their patients, which requires them to follow set norms and protocols to “do no harm.” When medical staff fail to perform their duties, they may be held accountable for the consequences.

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  1. Vehicle Accidents

Driver negligence is the root cause of many car accidents. In this scenario, negligence can refer to distracted driving, driving too fast, or driving under the influence. It can be challenging to determine who is at fault in a car accident. Still, personal injury lawyers can utilize evidence such as eyewitnesses, photographs of the accident scene, and footage from surveillance cameras to examine the road conditions and determine the actual cause of the accident.

After a major accident, it is critical to consult with an attorney as early as possible. Accept claims from the other driver’s insurance company only after consulting with a lawyer. Legal teams always aid insurance firms. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will allow you to level the playing field.

  1. Product Liability Cases

Product manufacturers, distributors, and retailers have a public responsibility to protect customers from damage when using the products they manufacture and sell. When design failures, improper manufacturing, careless delivery, or inadequate warning cause injury, these individuals and companies can be held liable.

Contact an Experienced Injury Lawyer.

If you happen to be injured as a result of a driver’s negligence or a breach of an existing duty of care by a property owner, employer, or product maker, you should always consult a lawyer. Personal injury claims are one of the most effective strategies for holding those responsible accountable and securing adequate compensation for your recovery.