Full-Spectrum CBD and Why Many Individuals Prefer This Option

Rohan Mathew

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Cannabidiol, typically referred to as CBD, helps individuals suffering from a wide range of medical conditions. This includes gastrointestinal problems, chronic pain, anxiety, Crohn’s disease, and epilepsy. Many men and women turn to the internet to get CBD products and find they have options including CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD. How do these two products differ?

CBD isolates contain pure CBD. In contrast, full-spectrum CBD products contain several cannabinoids found throughout the plant from which manufacturers extract the CBD. The additional cannabinoids often come with their own benefits, and some researchers feel the additional cannabinoids increase the effectiveness of the CBD and each other. This happens thanks to the entourage effect. When looking for cbd wholesalers, consumers must know which will be best for their needs and why.

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Men and women know about THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the substance that provides the high observed with marijuana. What most people don’t realize is the cannabis plant contains approximately 100 other cannabinoids that are or might be of benefit to humans. The cannabinoids occur naturally in the plant and work on receptors in the human endocannabinoid system. Twenty-five years ago, scientists discovered how these substances interact with the receptors and affect the body. THC provides psychoactive effects, but CBD doesn’t. In fact, CBD counteracts some psychoactive properties seen with THC.

Whole Plant Extracts

Certain patients today benefit from medical marijuana. For instance, cancer patients find this substance reduces the nausea associated with their treatments. Most patients choose to inhale the cannabis or undergo an infusion as opposed to using pharmaceuticals. The THC pills take hours before they provide relief, and most products offered for this purpose only contain THC rather than a whole plant extract.

Researchers discovered Charlotte’s Web, a CBD medication, helps patients suffering from a specific childhood epilepsy, and this led them to investigate other uses for CBD in the medical field. Charlotte’s Web uses the whole plant unlike many other CBD medications offered today. As cannabinoids often have a synergistic effect, patients might discover they aren’t getting all the benefits they could with use of a whole plant extract.

Scientists believe CBD might also work with cannabis terpenes. Terpenoids provide cannabis and other plants with flavor and aroma, such as pinene which comes with a pine scent much as the name suggests. When a person takes pinene and THC simultaneously, the pinene counters memory and cognition problems often seen with THC use. Limonene and linalool, other terpenoids, appear to work with CBG, a cannabinoid, in treating MRSA. Finally, CBN and THC work together to provide a sedative effect. Individuals using whole plant extracts ensure they don’t miss out on any potential benefits.

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Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD products incorporate the entire range of cannabinoids. Once the manufacturer extracts the cannabinoids from the plant, they use the substances to make products that provide all health benefits as opposed to one or two. The one drawback to doing so involves the THC present in the extract. In places where cannabis remains illegal, use of full-spectrum CBD violates the law. Furthermore, those wishing to avoid psychoactive effects need to choose other products, as full-spectrum CBD includes THC.

To avoid this issue while still offering full-spectrum CBD, manufacturers often choose to use hemp rather than conventional marijuana plants to get the extracts. Hemp contains a THC content under 0.3 percent, making it legal for use in full-spectrum CBD products as the user won’t get high. This full-spectrum CBD comes from industrial hemp plants, which they grow for the fiber and seeds. Hemp plants are shorter and skinnier than their cannabis counterparts and don’t get the user high.

CBD Isolates

The simplest form of CBD, CBD isolates are made by removing flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids from the plant. Doing so ensures the finished product remains completely pure. To accomplish this, the manufacturer separates all cannabinoids from the plant. Once they remove the cannabinoids, the manufacturer separates the CBD. As they use chemicals during the process, the CBD undergoes distillation to ensure the chemicals are removed.

Consumers find they can purchase isolates in powder form, as dabs, or for vaping. Dabs come in wax, crystal, powder, resin, and shatter. Quite a few users prefer shatter because of its glass-like texture. They avoid dabbing as they don’t wish to draw the CBD into the lungs. However, everyone should consider oils, capsules, and edibles too. Certain drugs contain CBD, such as those used to treat Dravet Syndrome. Today, Epidiolex remains the only CBD drug approved by the FDA to treat epilepsy. This drug contains pure CBD.

The Entourage Effect

Users find the entourage effect maximizes the effects and therapeutic benefits of CBD. When the cannabinoids in a cannabis plant work together, they change or boost certain effects. Approximately 40 percent of individuals using 10 milligrams of THC in a single dose suffer toxic psychosis. Researchers believe CBD can mitigate these effects, and drug manufacturers now offer medications that contain THC and CBD to provide the benefits without the paranoia or psychosis.

Which Should You Use?

Knowing the difference between CBD isolates and full-spectrum CBD makes it easier to determine which you should buy. CBD isolates are pure and don’t come with psychoactive effects. Men and women often use the isolate in edibles because it is odorless and colorless. Nevertheless, users don’t get the entourage effect because it is the only cannabinoid present in the finished product.

Full-spectrum CBD products incorporate all cannabinoids and provide the entourage effect. Nevertheless, men and women living in states where THC remains illegal need to avoid these items. In addition, anyone with an upcoming drug test should use CBD isolates, and full-spectrum CBD isn’t appropriate for edibles because of its strong taste.

Broad-spectrum CBD products combine the best of both worlds. These products take full-spectrum CBD and remove the THC, making it ideal for senior citizens and children.

Each person must determine which CBD version best meets their needs. Try multiple options to find the one that provides the desired effects. Many users find this allows them to get the optimal results.