Targeted Website Traffic That Converts

Rohan Mathew

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One of the major concerns of webmasters is increasing site traffic and attracting more traffic. Obviously, a person trying to grow his website will be discouraged after a while and may stop working on his site if he does not see the right result and receives the right visit. 

However, by following a series of very simple principles and using some pre-proven methods, you can increase high quality targeted website traffic in a short time and see the growth of your website traffic. If you join us today, we will explore ways to increase site traffic together. There are no weird tricks here, and whatever you read in this list are all practical solutions to attract more traffic to your site. So, if you are looking for tested methods, reliable and away from any kind of fraud, 

this article is for you. We invite you to join us in the future.

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Right Host Will Drive Real Human Traffic to Site

Host choices Proper and quality is one of the most important pillars in achieving more traffic for your site. In fact, it is so important that if you have done all the other things correctly one by one but have not chosen the right host for your site, it is as if you have not done anything to date. You ask why? Suppose at a party, you hold tea in your hand instead of a tray and compliment the guests! 

The host here is the same as the tray. And your site is the same as tea. No matter how good the quality of your tea is, if you do not compliment it on your guests from the right place, they will be upset and will talk a lot behind you later! 

The same is true between your site and your host. No matter how great your site is, if your host does not provide you with the right uptime, is constantly out of reach or does not have the power to host your site, this will reduce your visits and in terms of SEO. 

Your rating will hurt. Because over time, if Google is not able to crawl your website regularly and access the robots.txt site, it will gradually reduce the number of times your site crawls to match your site’s maximum responsiveness, which is of course beneficial. You will not be.

Here it is very important that sometimes we see that users, for their most visited sites, prepare normal hosting plans from hosting companies and then complain about the quality of hosting. However, you cannot expect that when you create a cheap hosting plan that does not meet the needs of your site, your host will host your site for a very small fee, regardless of other server sites, and he himself and cause losses to other users.

Therefore, always provide a host for your site that meets the needs of the site at the present time, and over time, if these needs increase, be sure to upgrade your hosting plan so that your website has a suitable space for growth. They even change the pot of a flower as its growth and roots increase. Isn’t that so?

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Optimizing the Speed and Loading of The Site

We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of site optimization and system cache implementation. In this regard, we introduced plugins such as w3 total cache and wp super cache and Cache Enabler plugin to activate the cache in WordPress and optimize the site and explain how to set them. 

Using the cache system on the site is very important in two ways. First, it allows your users to spend less time waiting for your site to load. And second, setting up a cache system can dramatically reduce the load loaded by your site on the server.

Experience has shown that whenever a user has to spend a lot of time loading a site, they are more likely to close the page and refuse to use that site altogether. This is a big risk for your website that you can easily survive by setting up and setting up a cache system. 

On the other hand, we mentioned that using the cache system on the site reduces the site load on the server. This alone can save you money on hosting services and increase the time between your hosting plan upgrades. This means that by using a cache system, even if your site improves, you will need to upgrade your hosting plan later.

Site Optimization Vs High Quality Website Visitors

Search engine optimization or SEO is a term you are all familiar with. This means that even if you do not know exactly its purpose and purpose, you have heard this phrase many times. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the actions by which you optimize your site to be crawled and indexed by search engines. The better the SEO of your site, the higher the probability that your site will appear in the first search results.

Here we must honestly admit that at least today, as this article is being written, Website traffic and SEO  can be considered to a large extent equivalent to optimizing the site for ease and improving the quality of use by users to buy website traffic that converts. This means that if for each step you take on your site, you ask yourself whether this action is beneficial to the user or not, the answer to your question can determine whether this action will also be effective in improving the SEO of your site or not. 

Of course, there are a number of principles that must be observed in the field of SEO, but we strongly recommend that you never immerse yourself so much in the subject of SEO that you forget the good of users.

Adhering to the principles of SEO and optimizing the site for users at the same time, will cause search engines to value your site more and show your website more and more in search results, which over time will significantly increase your site traffic.