Fun Activities for Big Sister To Bond With Her Younger Sibling

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Being a big sister comes with a lot of perks and responsibilities. You have a mini-you, who can be your best friend, gaming buddy, and partner in crime. Here are a few fun activities that you can do to bond with your siblings. 

  • Competing Together

A healthy rivalry between a big sister and her younger siblings is a good way of bonding together. But what is an even better method? Yes, it is teaming together and becoming the best friends forever.

You won’t believe how well they will coordinate with you when you need their help in a fun activity. A water fight or a game of tag, they will be your most valuable soldier as long as it is a fun competition against mom and dad. 

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  • Outfit and Gift Shopping

How come boys be so bad at choosing their clothes? Well, that’s what big sisters are for. You can bring style and color to their hideous clothing sense. And as for your younger sister, she already knows that you are the perfect person to go shopping with. After all, she borrows from you whenever she has to prepare for a party. As for gift shopping, here are some big sister gift ideas to consider that will bring cheers the elder sibling which parents can consider getting. Similarly, consider something similar for the younger sibling.

  • Bicycle Ride or a Jog in the Park

Your little siblings would try their best to beat you in a race. It is cute how their tiny legs think they could do that. They will be getting a workout while you will have a fun exercise partner that lets you win every time. 

  • Board Games

Playing family board games with siblings often brings wonderful memories. What started as an activity to pass boring time, quickly transformed into a daily ritual. Our house often echoed with sounds of incredibly loud laughing and screaming. You can play cards, chess, ludo, etc. These activities involve thinking and a bit of luck as well. So, everyone has a chance of winning without being annoyed. 

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  • Picnic Adventures

A picnic adventure is another opportunity for you to get closer to your siblings. Pack lots of picnic foods and everybody’s favorite snacks. Grab drinks and blankets to have a fun outdoor relaxation time. You can share your stories with them and catch up on what’s going on in your siblings’ lives. You can also pack games or sports equipment, such as a football or badminton, to add more fun to your exciting adventure.

  • Being their Teacher

Big sisters are the friendliest teachers. You have been around in the world longer than them and that means you have a lot more knowledge than they have. You can be their teacher of new skills or just be a helper in their homework. They would love you for your favors and will even try to return the favor in any way they can.

  • Movie Night

Don’t you wish you could watch your favorite movies for the first time again? Well, that may not be possible, but you can introduce your siblings to that experience. Besides, it gives you another chance to enjoy the movie again. And who knows, maybe they will also choose an awesome movie for you to enjoy in the future.