Instagram And Tiktok: The Synergy Of The Elements

Rohan Mathew

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Instagram and TikTok the synergy of the elements

The new popular social network TikTok also brought its trends to Instagram feeds. The trends of short videos, light musical content are also moving to the Instagram format, and the social networks themselves are now very interacting with each other. 

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Four new important words for an Marketing specialist:

An influencer is an influencer user that we follow not because we like him, but because we don’t like him. It can be a HYIP account or a blogger’s page, where “intrigues, scandals, investigations” are constantly broadcast.

Fabber is an account that exclusively hunts for likes. This account can delete its post within 10 minutes if it does not get 100 likes. Its owner needs a lot of likes on his posts.

Wang Hoon is an influencer who earns over $ 10,000 for ad integrations … Globally, these are bloggers-millionaires who have a price of more than $ 10,000 for advertising. The term itself came to us from Asia. and in China a separate direction is devoted to this phenomenon – wanhung marketing, which is equated with our influencer marketing.

Orbiter is a user who gathers the largest number of people near him without knowing them. For example, on Facebook, you may find an account with which you have more than 500 mutual friends, but the person does not know any of them.

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A little about the types of targeting on Facebook and Instagram

The power of targeted advertising lies in its flexibility and variety of settings. Unlike contextual advertising, targeting works with a cold audience. The user sees ads on social networks “just like that”, and not when searching for a specific product or service. Therefore, the knowledge and understanding of the client comes to the fore. Targeting settings help make your ads hit right on target. See how many opportunities we have.

Types of targeting

Geographical. Shows ads for selected regions. In the settings, you can select both entire countries and a specific store or cafe. There is an opportunity to divide people into locals and visitors.

How it works. Let’s say you have a clothing store with an offline outlet in Boston and the possibility of delivery throughout the USA. You are doing promotions for offline, those people who will not buy a jacket without trying it on. Therefore, in the target settings, you set the coordinates of the store and use the location circle to determine the affected area of  your ad. With promotions available to online audiences, choose all of the USA.

Demographic. With this setting, you can select users based on: gender, age, marital status, the presence of children and their age. It is possible to show ads to users who have recently moved or who will soon have a birthday, as well as travel lovers.

How it works. Let’s say a company sells coloring books for children. In the target settings, be sure to use the item “parents with children of preschool age”, “parents with children of primary school age”.

Social. This type of targeting segments users by education level (from schoolchild to PhD), direction of education, educational institution. In the Job section, target employer, industry and job title.

How it works. Let’s say your company specializes in courses for hairdressers. There are courses that are designed for beginners, those who are just planning to master the profession, and there are courses for masters who need to improve their skills. To select an audience in the second case, we use the setting for the professions “hairdresser”, “colorist”, and also choose the employer “beauty salon”, “hairdresser”.

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Interest targeting. Helps to select users who have a hobby or hobby. This setting is a kind of exam for knowing your client. Whether he loves cars or collects butterflies, prefers tea or coffee, adores Michael Jackson or Patricia Kaas. Otherwise, interest-based targeting will be the hole in which your ad budget goes. All user actions are analyzed and recorded, on the basis of which a list of preferences is formed for each, in order to show relevant ads later.

How it works. Let’s say you are a curtain sewing studio. Possible interests for setting the target “design”, “curtains”. But! Use such features of the cabinet as narrow and exclude the audience for more precise settings.

Knowing your target audience, understanding their needs, Facebook targeting can work wonders. After all, we are all a little bit magicians, aren’t we 🙂