Getting The Best Online Gaming Experience In America

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There is always a silver lining hidden behind a dark cloud. The corona virus pandemic that had engulfed the human race completely this year was both a spiritual and a physical test for many individuals and even families. The world was struck by something that no one had a plan for, no contingency plan as this virus was something that no one had ever witnessed before, an enemy that cannot be seen or even felt until it’s too long.

During this entire unforeseen circumstances, many companies could have decided to exploit their customers, since demands for specific products had increased tenfold and internet connectivity is surely one of those products. Internet service providers, instead of employing a pure capitalistic policy and realizing that since all schools, offices and businesses had decided to shift to a work from home system, their product would be in high demand. Consumers would be paying top dollar value for any sort of an upgrade on their current internet package, if it did not meet the minimum requirement that the consumer required i.e. maybe the consumer lives alone in an apartment, his internet speed requirement might just be a 20 – Mbps package but if the consumer lives with his family, and the family has a ton of school going kids, then perhaps the internet speed requirement would be a minimum 100 Mbps with no data caps.

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Most consumers in America consider speed the most important factor to what makes online gaming an experience that is worth having. Speed is incredibly important in any scenario but what else is equally important? You guessed it, excellent customer service. Spectrum Internet is a cable based internet provider that has, over the time, greatly improved its customer service. The near gigabit providing internet service is an excellent choice for those who would like to have a cheap solution to their deep gaming needs. In order to check out deals, plans and packages from Spectrum Internet, just log o to their website or call spectrum customer service.

What Makes The Best Internet Service Provider: For Gaming

The basic three things that all good internet service providers need to offer when it comes to being the go to Gaming internet for the larger part of America are: 

  1. Low levels of latency
  2. A high speed internet connection
  3. No data caps or a very generous data cap

These three factors should all be included in any internet plan that you might be considering as even one, if is not available, then will lead to the overall gaming experience being a very dull affair. You need all three to be up to the mark and there is no way around it. 

When beginning to define what exactly is meant by the term, Latency, we simply say that it is the time duration which is required to transfer data to and from the game server, exclusive of the response i.e. it is the total time that is taken to transfer data from one source to another and then the time that is taken to get a response back. In order to get a smooth and clear game play experience, then you will need two things for sure and one of them is a low rate of latency along with a low ping rate. 

When you have a high speed internet service working for you, then literally there is quite a low chance of you to experience any lag or buffer time. You need a fast paced internet because in an online game you need an internet speed strong enough to do both tasks, send (upload) and receive (download).

Now having unlimited data is a thing that companies like Spectrum Internet have on offer however not all internet service providers offer the no data cap facility. Companies that do not have a high allowance of data to offer or in fact do not have a no data cap policy will have over heard charges in place for when you exceed your limit, which you will when you decide to have an online gaming session every other day.

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The Best Internet Service Providers For Gaming 

Verizon FiOS Internet

The fiber optic dependent connection is generally considered to be the best overall internet service that Americans prefer to hire as their service provider when the consumer is one that has a sweet tooth for online gaming. Verizon FiOS has download speeds that lie in the range of 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps and have upload speeds that range from 100 Mbps to 880 Mbps.

Spectrum Internet

One of the best companies in relation to their customer support representatives, Americas second largest internet service provider has a median latency rate of 28 ms. Whereas the internet download speeds range from 100 Mbps to 940 Mbps. These come with a no data cap limit and no contract situation.