Getting through the online platform for DBS checks and updates to make informed decisions about prospective hires

Rohan Mathew

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While the world is still going through the pandemic, countries could not wait for a cure any longer. The economy was tanking in most countries around the world, and the Government had  to choose where they were going to draw the line between healthcare and functional businesses. As soon as the number of cases in the country started decreasing, the UK began opening up their shops and the economy slowly.

Throughout the pandemic, most businesses have been remote working, if they could to make   sure they were getting through their meetings and deadlines. There were a bunch of companies who could not, and they found themselves struggling to make ends meet. Many employers   openly mentioned that productivity significantly dropped during the pandemic and remote working might have been a good option temporarily but not in the long run. Pre pandemic, many companies used to allow remote working, but they were only allowing it for a few days in a week.

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Several other schemes were running the country, with the Government putting large amounts of money into specific companies, with their main aim of reducing the number of people losing their jobs. One of their most well-known schemes was the furlough scheme that was paying 80% of the salaries of the people working, with their companies only paying the difference. In the initial stages of the pandemic, this seemed like a great idea, but companies were still letting go of people who were working for them. The Government could not continue these schemes forever, and they planned on stopping their primary scheme by the end of October, but they were not   sure how the economy would be able to handle such a massive change.

They already predicted that a large number of people would be losing their jobs, and they had to start making changes to the course that they were taking if the outcomes were evident. The unemployment rate in the UK was already at 4.1%, which was a lot slower than the initial predictions, but they knew that the number would significantly increase post-October.

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With the changes that companies were getting used to, regarding a large number of people losing their jobs and the changing trends in the country, employers had to begin taking a different approach to the way that they were working. They were not conducting DBS checks, which were background checks to make sure that the people they were working with were

reliable and did not have any misdemeanours in the past. People had to start using the DBS update service to make changes to their background whenever the information changed. These changes assisted them when it came to getting a job. Additionally, they could apply for their DBS certificate online, which made it convenient for both the employer and the people updating their processes since they could get it done from home.