Give Thanks to Someone Special With Custom Challenge Coins

Rohan Mathew

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Custom challenge coins are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for someone.

If you don’t know what a challenge coin is, you’ve come to the right place. These neat little tokens had their beginning in the military, but they’ve grown in popularity to become one of the best ways to give thanks to someone you love and appreciate.

In this post, we’ll give you a quick history of the military challenge coin, then tell you why custom challenge coins can help you show your appreciation, and finally, how you can design the perfect challenge coin for your loved one.

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What Are Custom Challenge Coins?

The actual history of custom challenge coins is shrouded in mystery. There are several different stories that date back to various times throughout history – from Roman ancient times all the way to the Vietnam war – and purport to be the origin of challenge coins.

One of the most widely accepted origin stories is from a flying squadron during WWI, where a rich lieutenant gave his unit commemorative bronze coins. A particular pilot was shot down and captured by the Germans, who took all of his belongings.

He eventually escaped to France but had no way of proving who he was, and was almost put to death as a saboteur. At the very last minute before his death, he remembered that he had his bronze coin in his pocket and presented it to the French officers, who recognized the squadron markings on it. His life was spared and it became a tradition for American infantrymen to carry challenge coins ever since that point.

Challenge Coins Are Great Gifts

Challenge coins have been given to soldiers, presidents, and other public servants over the last several decades, as a thank you for a job well done. Now, you can even make custom challenge coins for employees, friends, and family members to show that you appreciate them.

What makes them such a memorable gift is that they commemorate something that the recipient is known for. They’ll always have the coin to remind them of their gift and that it was valued by their loved ones. Whether it has to do with work, military service, or being a great parent doesn’t matter, as long as your loved one has something to take pride in.

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Designing Your Custom Challenge Coins

There are many great websites that can guide you through the custom challenge coin design process. With the click of a few buttons, you can have the size, material, design, and engraving picked out that best represents what your loved one means to you.

Once you’ve put in the order and you’re waiting for your custom challenge coin to be delivered, you can start planning a coin ceremony for the recipient. It’s a great honor to be given a challenge coin and your loved one will never forget it.

Something to Remember

Custom challenge coins are great because they’ll give that special person something to reminisce over later in life. Now that you know more about challenge coins and what they represent, you can start designing one for someone special today.

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