Here are 5 Cool Dungaree Outfits Trending in 2020

Rohan Mathew

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A woman can have hundreds of dresses and denim apparels in her closet and yet she would still say yes to buying a dungaree dress. The craze, love and fascination for dungarees have remained undisputed ever since the outfit came into existence in the late 90s. The experts out there in the fashion industry have made variations to the basic dungaree style, and the latest addition to its line-up is the dungaree dress. A perfect fusion of dungarees and frocks, these dresses are high in demand, given the styling options and comfort that they serve.

Dungaree outfits raised into the trend a couple of years ago when the fashion designers came up with some exciting variations to the outfit. From summers to winters and the season of falls, dungarees of a number of styles are a perfect companion for every woman who likes to keep it chic and vintage. All one needs to do is style the dungaree dress according to the weather, purpose and events. To get a hold of the latest trends, let us have a look at the top five picks in 2020.

Denim dresses have become very popular among college-goers this year.

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See What Is Trending In 2020

The most important factor of consideration for every fashionista is to keep an eye on what is trending in the market. For the style divas who are stressing over the dungaree dress trends in 2020, here is a brief guide to all the top picks by the fashion experts.

#1 Denim Dungaree Dresses

Denim dungaree dresses have made a mark in the fashion league within the short time that they have existed. The upper part of these dresses is the same as the vintage dungaree sets with two straps and buckles while the lower part is a skirt rather than pants. This outfit comes with huge pockets, and this feature has turned out to be its biggest selling point. Boots, high heels, sneakers, etc. go best with a dungaree dress.

#2 Dungaree Jumpsuits

Dungaree jumpsuits are the same vintage stitching with a touch of modern designs that women seem to love the most! The metallic buckles, side cuts and shoulder straps give a funky yet tailored look to the outfit. One can pair this one as per the occasion. For instance, white sneakers, crop tops, a messy bun, sunglasses and soft dewy makeup is enough for a day out in summers. While in winters, women can instantly switch to sweatshirts and jumpers.

#3 Dungaree Pinafore Dresses

The pinafore dungaree dress is organically so beautiful that women do not have to put a bucket full of effort into styling them. The adjustable straps and slim-fit structure offer a feminine and comfortable look. Pinafore dresses are in the limelight for a reason as the minor detailings enhance the simplicity of denim very gracefully. Some come with distressed bottoms while a few also frill them. Find the right shopping destination to get hands-on with the latest collection.

#4 Dungaree Rompers

The fashion designers are making sure that women do not forget to embrace and hold onto their nostalgic memories of childhood. Dungaree rompers are proof of the same. Rompers are a combination of shorts and shirts attached to make a one-piece clothing item for women. Unlike the classic design of dungarees, the upper part of rompers is more like a short as they usually come with collars. Rompers are a very casual outfit, and one can only wear them in summers.

#5 Dungaree Shorts

Dungaree shorts are forever in trend whether it be 2020 or some other year. One of the most comfortable outfits, these shorts are everything good to be the perfect companion for women in summer. Available in different pastel colours like olive, pink, brown, etc. apart from the usual shades of blue, this dungaree dress is the hot pick of the season!

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Some Productive Styling Tips for Dungarees

Knowing about the latest dungaree dress outfits is not enough to make a style statement. Styling the outfit perfectly is crucial to make a difference.

  • Keep a balance between the accessories and the outfit to not go over-the-top on a usual day. After all, a scarf with a high-neck sweatshirt is of no use.
  • Dungaree shorts should always be paired with loafers or sneakers to ensure comfort. Heels go better with the dungaree dress and pinafores.
  • Dungarees are vintage and classic. Therefore, hairstyles should be given a check while finalising the look of the day!
  • Try retro-cool looks with some hair accessories and big round earrings.
  • Handbags should complement the outfit. Shoulder bags and slings go best with dungarees.

Dungaree outfits have become available in so many options that every girl can have a dozen of them. To cope up with the trends, one should shop at e-commerce websites as most of the fashion arrives late in the offline market. Fashion is all about innovating and uplifting retro styles to create new trends!