How Much Time is Required For PMP Exam Preparation?

Rohan Mathew

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PMP is the acronym of project management professional. It is one of the finest certifications which individuals can go for in the field of project management. PMP has enhanced the career of numerous individuals and the project management field and provided them profitable designations. The time required to prepare for the PMP exam can vary according to the individual and their preparation. Individual squire proper strategies and endeavor to qualify the PMP exam. Hard work is another key element which is necessary for the following.

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Sources which individuals must use for PMP exam preparation:

  • Study material received from training:

Proper training and preparation is the first necessary element required to qualify any exam. Candidates are recommended to go for a 35-contact hour training course for the following. Proper training program will not only motivate the candidates by giving initial momentum, but it will also help them to absorb the PMBOK guide properly. Hence, candidates are recommended to follow the study material provided by their training institution.

  • PMBOK guide:

Reading the PMBOK guide thoroughly can help the candidates to a great extent while preparing for the PMP training in Los Angeles. The following contains all the necessary information which the candidates are likely to face in the certification exam of PMP. The candidates are recommended not to rely on the PMBOK guide only.

  • Any reference based on the PMBOK guide:

A large part of the PMP examination takes place on the basis of the content written in the PMBOK guide. This is the reason due to which candidates are recommended to follow it as the primary source of study for the examination. Apart from the PMBOK guide, candidates are recommended to follow some other reference materials which are quite related to the PMBOK guide.

  • Any test simulator for practicing sample questions:

One of the most essential things which candidates generally omit before appearing the exam is practicing sample exam questions. The sample exam questions can make candidates thorough regarding the questions they are likely to face in the examination. It is a known fact that the PMP certification exam is one of the most tough exams in the world. This is the reason due to which individuals need proper preparation to qualify the exam. The candidates are recommended to solve at least 1500-2000 sample questions before appearing the exam on the basis of their proficiency.

Candidates can also follow the internet for additional reference and questions.

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Time required to study for PMP exam:

Candidates need to make a formal PMP exam preparation schedule in order to qualify the certification exam in their first attempt. There are certain steps which candidates can follow in order to build a good study schedule.

  1. The candidates are required to follow one chapter at a time from the PMBOK guide out of the 13 chapters.
  2. The candidates are recommended to begin their preparation by studying chapter from the study material provided by their training institute. This will help them to gain knowledge at a faster rate.
  3. After completing study from the training material, they are recommended to practice the same chapter from PMBOK guide.
  4. Candidates can also go for other credible study references which help them to acquire more knowledge.
  5. After completing a certain chapter, individuals are recommended to solve questions related to the same chapter. This way they can test their performance level.
  6. If the candidates are satisfied with their own performance, they can freely move to the next chapter.
  7. After getting thorough with all the 13 chapters, they are required to solve full length sample exam questions to test their knowledge and expertise.

After finishing the study material, candidates need to read the PMBOK guide thoroughly. Candidates are recommended to give sufficient time to every chapter and decide which one among them needs more preparation.

Generally a time period of 8 to 12 weeks is necessary to prepare for the certification exam thoroughly. The candidates are recommended to start with 5 hours of study in a week and gradually change it to 20 hours of preparation in a week. We can also say that at least 150-200 hours of thorough preparation is necessary for qualifying the certification exam of PMP and achieving the certification. The candidates can decide how much time they would give to each chapter.