Home Theater Speaker Setup: Do I Really Need Surround Sound Speakers?

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Are you looking to design your own home theater, but you’re not certain of the type of setup you need to use to make the most of your home theater speaker setup? There’s no reason to look any further because we’re going to let you in on whether you need surround sound speakers and how to design the perfect home theater speaker setup.

Read on for everything that you need to know now.

Do You Need Surround Sound Speakers?

The simple answer to this question is yes, you need surround sound speakers. When you design your own home theater, each speaker is essential to enhancing the experience you get when watching movies in your home theater.

But what does each speaker in your sound system do to enhance you and everyone else’s experience? Don’t stop now; read on because we’re about to let you know how each speaker works and where to put it.

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Front Right and Left Speakers

The soundtracks that are used in movies are there to enhance the cinematic quality of the picture. These speakers are vital in filling the room with the sound of the music playing in a movie; it also helps when actors and actresses in the film move from one side of the screen to the next.

It makes it so that the dialogue is clear and easy for everyone that’s watching to understand. The surround sound speakers for the left and right that are mounted to the back of the room also help to enhance the sound and musical quality.


The subwoofer’s only job is to recreate the sound son the lower end of the bass. Subwoofers help to enhance the sound that is coming from the other speakers in your surround sound system.

And while you may not think it makes a difference, just wait until you’ve watched an entire movie or listened to a complete soundtrack and how pure the sound is. Trust us it will bring a whole new meaning meaning to home theater surround sound.

Center Speakers

In the ideal home theater speaker setup, the center speaker will go directly into the center of your surround sound system. This speaker is the speaker who will reproduce the majority of the dialogue that is spoken throughout the movie.

It’s likely one of your system’s most critical aspects because when you’re not able to hear what’s being said in the movie, it can ruin the entire viewing experience. And the last thing you want to do is spend time asking someone what the actor or actress on the screen said.

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Home Theater Speaker Setup 101

When it comes to home theater speaker setup, yes, you need one in your home theater, and you must understand what each speaker does. Knowing the purpose of each speaker, whether it’s the left and right speakers or subwoofers, ensures that the speaker is placed in the right place.

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