How Do You Use an Electric Induction Cooktop?

Rohan Mathew

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Most of us have heard about induction cooktops. They’re cooking devices slowly replacing gas and electric stoves in today’s modern kitchens. They’re also safer to use and cook faster and more efficiently than their conventional counterparts.

So, how do you operate an electric induction cooktop? Before we get to that, let’s first take a look at the science behind induction cooking.

Cooking With Induction

Science has long established that friction creates heat. Notice how our hands warm up when we rub them together? That’s friction at work.

Induction works in the same way, except that it’s the friction between the electrons that create heat. While electric and gas ranges require a heat source, an induction stove works by turning the cookware into a heat source.

Induction is actually short for electromagnetic induction. After switching on the stove, an electromagnetic current starts making its way through a copper coil, which is the heating element. When you place an induction-ready pan on the cooktop, the currents will draw the pan’s electrons into a formation.

As this happens, the electrons will try to resist being drawn into the formation. The constant pushing and pulling results in a lot of friction within the cookware. The friction or resistive electric current creates the heat that cooks the contents in the pan.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind that before any of this can happen, the cookware piece should be ferromagnetic and magnetically conductive. It should also have a flat base to enable magnetic field conduction.

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Why Use an Induction Cooktop?

The induction stove is everything you need in your kitchen. It’s safe, smart, super-efficient, and easy to clean. It’s not hard to figure out, either. Just press a couple of buttons, and the induction will handle the rest.

Speed in cooking is also one of induction’s strong suits. It surpasses the electric and gas stovetop in this department easily. Then there’s the device’s precise power and temperature control, which allows you to make these particular adjustments within seconds.

Still, those who truly know about induction know that it’s the device’s ability to cook evenly that made it really popular among today’s homeowners. No more dealing with undercooked or overcooked dishes, that’s for sure.

Induction cooktops can also be switched on and off easily. They’re more energy-efficient than traditional gas and electric stoves. They remain cool to the touch even during the cooking cycle.

Another great thing about induction is the absence of burners and flames that give off heat. As such, you don’t feel hot or sweaty when cooking.

Installing an induction stove isn’t that hard, either. You can set it lower or higher, depending on the height you’re comfortable cooking in. You can also pick a portable model that can be carried around and used outdoors, at the office, or any other place you happen to be.

You don’t have to stress caring for your induction cooktop because simply wiping it off after cooking is enough. Since the device remains cool, any spills or overflows of food don’t stick to it.

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How Do You Use an Induction Cooktop?

As established, it only takes pressing a few buttons to operate an induction cooktop. With just a bit of know-how, you can easily make induction cooking part of your everyday routine.

Like all devices you aren’t too familiar with, the induction requires you to go through the user’s manual first. Find out what its required voltage, current, and other specifications are. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. Safety should be a top priority.

Once the induction is in position, check its ceramic glass cooking area. Make sure it doesn’t have any cracks or workmanship defects. Also, inspect its buttons to see if they’re all in good working order.

Now, you’re ready to cook.

Follow these steps on how to cook using an induction hob:

  1. Switch on the unit.
  2. Grab your choice induction-ready pan and place it on the cooktop.
  3. Locate the induction cooktop’s power switch and give it a press to turn on the appliance.
  4. In case your cooktop has multiple burners, select the sensor meant for the cooktop ring you’re using.
  5. Adjust the heat using the plus and minus symbols.
  6. As soon as your dish is done cooking, hold the power button to switch off the induction.

Using an Electric Induction Cooktop Is Easy

Something that beats the conventional gas and electric cooking methods we’ve known for so long is bound to have everything going for it. The induction cooktop pretty much covers modern cooking needs to a T, from speed and precision to safety and efficiency.

Cooking using induction is even easier. Just make sure you have an induction-ready piece of cookware, switch on the hob, click a few buttons here and there, wait for the food to finish cooking, then power off the hob.

Can’t wait to buy an induction cooktop for your kitchen? Feel free to check out some of today’s most popular models at InductionPros.