What Made DDAAS A Requirement For Oil And Gas Industry?

Rohan Mathew

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What Made DDAAS A Requirement For Oil And Gas Industry

Running an oil and gas industry is not an easy task. It requires accuracy to ensure that business will run in an efficient, effective and safe environment. One of the things a business can do is to ensure that they use all available sources to ensure work in the field, and even in the office, is easier and most efficient.

Using ddaas or Document Digitization As A Service is something an oil and gas industry should consider. Some think that using this application is not necessary especially that they are already used to paperworks. Moving from paper to paperless is a goal not only by oil and gas industry, but basically all companies and industries across. 

There are some who are still not aware of the efficiency of DDAAS simply because they believe that stickiang with the traditional way of managing paperworks and data are more than enough and efficient. 

Just to convince you that without a doubt, DDAAS is a popular and most convenient choice, here are some of the things that made this application a must to use for all businesses, not limited to just oil and gas industry. 

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  • Saves money

Buying reams of paper and ink every now and then can be very expensive in the long run compared to buying a DDAAS app. Sure, there is a charge in buying this application upfront, and there is even a fee to store the scanned data, but needless to say, if you will calculate the expense in the long run, the application is generally cheaper.

And besides, you do not need to buy envelopes, folder and even filing cabinets to safe keep documents as they are all stored in the cloud and can be accessed by authorized devices and users. 

  • Saves space

The app can take away clutters in the workplace. With this, your business can live in the world where papers do not exist. Getting rid of huge filing cabinets gives you and the employees extra space to move around and do their tasks with comfort. 

An office that has too many papers all around the desks, cabinets, etc, are a sore in the eye. If there is a way to keep clutters away, might as well do it, especially that clutters can cause stress to people working around it. 


  • Saves time

Why would you jump in a pool of paper to find a specific data if you can easily key in the keyword in the search button of the app to find the data you need? It would really save you a lot of time especially that the data can be accessed anywhere you are in a flick of a finger, without the need of standing and going to the filing cabinet, and putting yourself in grave sweat to find the information you need. 

  • Offers high security

You can assign appropriate levels of security across all your employees, making data accessible only to those who are authorized to access them. The security this can provide is more than enough for you to have peace of mind whether you are in the field or in the office, or not.