How Does A Roof Replacement With Solar Panels Work?

Berry Mathew

How Does A Roof Replacement With Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels have a decent lifespan of between 25 to 35 years. That’s some years more than some well-maintained roofing materials and some decades of protection. More homeowners are considering installing solar panels to protect their roofs and save money on electricity costs.  

Installing solar panels over your roof or a roof replacement presents many great opportunities. However, before spending your money on this project, you should know more about solar panels new roof.

Why Choose To Add Solar Panels?

Solar panels have become the latest trend among homes and businesses looking to cut energy costs, generate clean energy, and maybe earn money from selling excess energy generated. Not only do solar panel installations save money in the long run, but it also protects the roofing material from weather hazards, ensuring that its durability is protected and its lifespan elongated.

One of the biggest discouraging factors for solar panel installations is the initial cost. On average, installing solar panels can cost between $15,000 and $25,000. This often seems like a high and expensive price to pay, however, the long-term savings pay for it. In addition, you may qualify for some discounted government programs, choose to spread the payment over time, enjoy tax relief, expedited permits, exemption from property taxes and other benefits from the government for installing solar panels on your roof.

With solar panels installed, you no longer have to worry much about the sun and its UV rays damaging your roof, as you can effectively turn that into an energy source. If you plan to sell, you can also leverage solar panels to improve your property’s value and appearance.

A new roof with solar panels installed will definitely cost a lot more at first, but its advantages are longer durability and protection, cost savings on roof repairs and energy bills, improved property value and appeal, and lots more.

Is Roof Replacement Necessary Before Solar Panel Installation?

A roof inspection is an excellent way to decide whether you need a roof replacement before installing your solar panels. With roof inspections, you get an idea of how healthy and durable your roof and roofing material is. Your roofer can inspect the structure and determine problems that can be fixed with minor repairs or bigger damages that may compromise the solar panel and your entire roof.

Consider the following before replacing your roof and installing a solar panel.

Age of the roof: Older roofs and roofing materials should be replaced before solar panels are installed. Replacing older roofs guarantees better durability and ensures that the roof has the right structural strength to hold the solar panels in place.

The extent of the damage: Minor roof damages only require repairs to compromised parts. However, serious damages require professional advice and recommendations. In most cases, you are better off replacing a badly damaged roof to ensure peace of mind and long-term protection.

Project cost: You don’t necessarily need to replace your roof if it is within a 10 to 15-year lifespan, especially as the cost will be astronomical combined with the solar panel installation. However, you should replace your roof if its repair cost is close to or over half its replacement cost.

Can I Use Solar Shingles?

Solar shingles are a perfect choice for homes and businesses looking to cut costs by reroofing their property. It allows them to enjoy alternative and green energy sources while protecting their property from adverse weather.

Although solar shingles are a great option, you must understand that not many contractors offer them because they are more expensive. Most property owners would prefer a combination of roof replacement and solar panel installation over reroofing with solar shingles.

Regardless of the common trend, solar shingles are a great investment and will save you lots of money in the short and long run. You can explore this option if you’re working with a large budget and interested in something stunning to give your property the extra value boost.

Can I Install Solar Panels As My Roof? 

A common question among homeowners is whether they can install solar panels in place of a roof. This may be impossible, except you’re opting for solar shingles. Solar panels are better placed on an existing support structure, in this case, an existing roof, instead of being laid bare on the roofing frame.

If you’ve chosen to install solar shingles, you should understand that the installation process is quite technical and will take some time before completion, unlike solar panels, which can mostly be installed in a day.

You should speak to a qualified and professional solar contractor on your alternative energy needs, the available options, costs, and incentives to learn more about how you can benefit from it.