How good is the Vtimeout affiliate program?

Rohan Mathew

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Have you ever heard about Vtimeout prize competitions? If no or you recently just heard about it then you might be in the position to ask how good the Vtimeout affiliate program is. Not only are the prize competitions great but also the competition affiliated program is very successful in driving people’s attention in an unimaginable way. If you live in the UK, you may know about the UK-origin prize competitions. It is also possible you may have benefited yourself by participating in Vtimeout prize competitions, but what you do not know is that Vtimeout offers a comprehensive way you can grow your passive income portfolio through their Affiliate Program.

Vtimeout -best way to win or earn

Offering a skill-based prize competition, Vtimeout is platform where users can participate in competitions to win prizes. Users participate by answering a question and the entries with the correct answers are moved to a draw where the winner is determined. There is always a minimum of one winner for every competition, some competitions might have as many as 3 winners. Unlike unlicensed lotteries and draws, Vtimeout prize competitions are operated on the full legal power and rights of the English law.

Vtimeout is one of the UK’s most famous prize competitions draw promoters. Prizes can range from electronics, smartphones, Power tools, furniture, patio wares, automobiles, supercars, superbikes to even cash! You do not need a special license to join the Vtimeout affiliate program, all you need is to get registered as an affiliate and heed the operating agreement

Vtimeout offers effective Affiliate Programs with many essential features included in the Program. In 2020, it became more focused on promoting their Affiliate Program to become the leader in the prize competition market. Currently, a lot of affiliates are already on board and earning monthly by promoting Vtimeout prize competitions on their platforms to their audience. 

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Some exciting qualities of the Vtimeout Affiliate Program

You might want to know the features of the Affiliate Programs that make their services quite desirable. Well, they have designed their program quite different from the common Affiliate Programs with amazing qualities like:

Contextual links for the desired traffic

As we all know that all Affiliate Programs over the internet use several methods to bring significant traffic at a platform. The best Affiliate Programs are the ones that drive specific traffic to a specific market via specific content. Vtimeout Affiliate Program is designed to allow affiliates to place prize competition link on related content pages to ensure only viewers who may be interested in the prize competition would see the competition link. This is because a user reading about iPhone models and their comparison might be interested in entering a competition to win the latest model of iPhone at a very high odd with a minimal stake. This is exceptionally good because the link remains contextual and in line with primary SEO principles.

 24/7 affiliate support

As prize competition promotion is quite a competitive market, Vtimeout is focusing strongly on their marketing activities, which contributes a lot to their site’s traffic, they have also put in place a very dedicated team to actively provide support to their affiliates. 

High commission program

A good point not to miss is the competitiveness of Vtimeout Affiliate Program commissions. Some categories pay as high as 12% as at the time of the posts. Right now, some categories could be paying much higher. This high commission structure results in more new affiliate applications than usual.

Easy-to-read report Dashboard

Affiliates get an easy to read performance dashboard to have a complete view of their performances and payout schedule. If you are an Amazon affiliate, you would know how important such a dashboard can be.

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Attention to end-to-end transparency

Vtimeout is truly a trusted merchant. Before onboarding an affiliate, they try to establish a good level of trust by indulging in some detailed KYC activities. This says a lot about their managerial structure and how serious they take their operating agreement policies and compliance. They check the platform performance of the applying affiliate. The factor of this feature of the program would result in an even more positive response in the product and the conversation rates.

All these were about the quality of the Vtimeout Affiliate Program. So, if you are interested in acquiring one more passive income portfolio then signup for the Vtimeout Affiliate Program and enjoy the best commissions on prize competitions in the whole of the UK!