How has the global financial crisis influenced the market of the global economy?

Berry Mathew

How has the global financial crisis influenced the market of the global economy?

At the start of 2008, the financial crises were widespread across the globe due to economic growth decay and resulting in disruption of the financial and investment market. And when these markets undergo a fast decline, the period is said to be the financial crisis period. In which the financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate, everyone’s value drops with a sudden fall. Moreover, they also lost their faith in financial organizations such as banks, etc. If you are fascinated by Bitcoin, learn the pros and cons of using Bitcoin for business.

Reasons behind Financial crises occurrence:

  • Over credit situations: when a debt amount has been adopted by the government organization and people involved in businesses, there is always a financial risk that wanders around their heads. 
  • A sudden increase in Asset price: the sudden rise in the asset value, can lead to a financial crisis due to an instant fall in prices. 
  • Bank runs: if several people are in high demand of their money and multiple people from drawing their money at the same time, that would be a financial crisis-triggering situation.
  • Financial organization ails to manage: Those organizations which made purposely manage financial accounts, if failed to manage those accounts, would also bring the condition of financial recession. 

What do you mean by the global financial crisis?

The crises that occurred from 2007 to 2008 had a bad impact on the global economy. The cause behind this disruptive change was debt lending practices, refined production of financial products, etc. 

  • The money lending market exists in the United State as a motivation for the people around it during the 2007-2008 universal economic crises. During that period loans given to the people were on higher interest rates and credit was not as good as given to the borrowers. 
  • The loan payment was not payable by the borrowers due to bad credit scores till the time the housing bubble exploded and prices declined with speed. Moreover, the cost value of the mortgage reverse securities declined. Therefore, crises occurred in the financial system globally.

What are the outcomes of the universal financial crisis?

As the market was facing crises, its impact on the globe was inconsistent and impacted for a long time. Some significant impacts on the world economy are as under:

  1. Due to this financial crisis, the recession ran for a long period which resulted in a sharp decline in productivity, and hence unemployment rose. Globally.
  2. The financial organizations failed due to banking crises. House prices dropped in the U.S. And this is a reason for the large decline in household wealth.
  3. As some of the governments have undertaken the financial and economic systems of those countries where the public debt got increased

Impact on bitcoin during the crisis in the financial sector

When the financial crises were covered during 2007 -2008, Bitcoin partially responded to the global financial crises. As the crises released a clear picture of the consequences that occurred due to the bad financial system and dependency risk on the centralized financial system. However, the founder and founder of Bitcoin who is famous with the name Satoshi Nakamoto has made this digital currency to make a safe and secure financial system that will not be impacted so hard in these emergent conditions. 

However, the emergencies of cryptocurrency and bitcoin are symbolized as a contradiction of the existing system and thus they can directly handle the worst situation just like financial crises. Hence the ledger of every transaction executed on the network Bitcoin is so easy to track and keep track of the money movement in the market. Moreover, it also prevents expected conditions such as unethical actions, and unwanted third-party interference because Bitcoin is a decentralized currency.