How Much Does A Bearded Dragon Cost?

Rohan Mathew

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Owning a bearded dragon is considerably cheaper than that of owning a cat or a dog. These medium-sized lizards don’t require much by the ways of food, entertainment, or physical space, making them a wallet-friendly option for an animal companion. As with most reptiles, the bulk of the costs of owning one are upfront costs of the tank, the accessories, and of course, the animal itself. The exact amount of how much a bearded dragon costs will depend on a few factors: its age, its rarity as a morph, and where you buy it from. 

How much does a bearded dragon cost?

As far as exotic pets go, buying a bearded dragon won’t set you back too much. The average cost for one is between $100 to $200. If you’re looking to get as affordable a price as possible, consider these three factors:


The age of a bearded dragon at the time of purchase will play a significant role in determining the price. Younger beardies tend to be cheaper, averaging between $100-125, while mature bearded dragons (those 11+ months old) usually start at $200. Bearded dragons are considered to be full-grown after the 11 or 12-month mark. 

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Type of Bearded Dragon

Because of Australia’s ban on the exportation of their native creatures in the 1960s, some species are widely available in the pet trade, and others are rarely seen. Central bearded dragons (Pogona vitticeps) are the bearded dragons usually seen in pet stores, and thus, the most commonly kept as a pet. There’s a good chance that when you find a bearded dragon for sale that it’s one of these little guys. Other breeds that are available somewhat regularly are the Eastern bearded dragon ((Pogona barbata) and the Black-Soil bearded dragon. (Pogona henrylawsoni). Price can vary further, however, depending on the bearded dragon morph and the commonality of its coloring.

Where You Buy It From

Depending on where you buy your new pet bearded dragon will determine how much it costs. Some advantages of purchasing from a reptile specialty store are a much wider variety of beardies to choose from, and the seller having an intimate knowledge of the lizard’s personality, feeding habits, and any health issues (if any at all). 

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Finding a Bearded Dragon for Sale

Bearded dragons are often praised as being one of the best pet lizards to own (even for beginners) and are all-around fantastic reptiles. These intelligent creatures are full of personality and make wonderful pets, which has led to their growing popularity both within the exotic pet trade and for those switching over from mainstream animals like dogs or cats. Fortunately, this makes bearded dragons quite easy to come by and they can be found at most pet stores. 

As was mentioned before, buying from a specialty store is usually the way to go. They will have the best variety of beardies to choose from and intimate knowledge of its personality and overall health. Plus, they’ll be able to serve as a resource to ensure that you and your new lizard have a long and happy life together.