How To Write A Check Step By Step Quick Guide?

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How To Write A Check Step By Step Quick Guide

Most Peoples Wants To Know That How To Write a Check. Since Writing checks have become less common with the use of the latest technology of ATM and Online transfer facilities, but it is important to know how to write a check because many people still prefer a check. 

What Is Cheque?

Checks are written or printed paper forums that are used to direct a bank to transfer money from a specific account to a specific account or person. Checks can be either deposited or can be cashed (as directed on the check).

Check Sample

check sample

How to write out a check is a question that comes in every person’s mind who is new to banking. Below is a step by step detailed guide about how to write a check.

How To Write A Check?

A check is a sort of legal document so you must fill it carefully. Let us start to learn the steps of How to fill out a check. If the check leaves have been exhausted then you can learn more about how you can request a new checkbook here.

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  • Step 1: Write the Date

You will have to write a date at the right-hand side upper corner of the check, where there will a blank space with the word date. Mostly the current date is written on the check. The format of writing the date is month/day/year you can write this as 05/13/2020 or May 13, 2020.

  • Step 2: Write the Payee Name

You will find a blank line beside “Pay to the order of”, here you have to write the name of the person or name of the company or school to whoever you have to pay the money.

When writing the name on the check take care that you write the correct spelling because this should be accurate. If you are not sure about the full name or company it is always good to ask them and then write the name.

  • Step 3: Write the Payable Amount

On the right-hand side of the check, you will find a blank box or a blank line just beside the $ sign. Here you have to write the amount that you have to pay. Write the full amount in numeric form.

Write the amount in dollars followed by a decimal and then the cents. For example, 306.00 or 306.13.

  • Step 4: Writing the Payable amount monetary or in words

Just below the line for “Pay to the order of” you will see another blank line, here you have to write the amount payable in words or monetary. You have to make sure that you write cents also.

For example:

The payable amount is 306 you have to write it as “Three Hundred Six Dollars and 0 Cents” or “Three hundred Six Dollars”.

If the payable amount is 306.13 then you have to write it as “Three Hundred Six Dollars and 13 Cents”

  • Step 5: Do Your Signature

There will be a line at the right corner at the bottom. Here you have to sign. Signature is very important and you have to sign the same that you wrote while you opened the bank account.

Remember incorrect signature or no signature will make the check not valid. So sign carefully and neatly.

  • Step 6: Fill The Memo (Optional)

At the bottom of the check, you will see a space given to write a memo, this is optional as this will not affect the process of the check. You can add some information or instruction here for the receptionist of the check.

For example, if you are paying the check to your landlord then you can mention “May Rent” in the space for Memo.

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This is a Check Example when it is completely Filled

Completed Check Sample

Proper Way to Write A Check:

The proper way to write a check is to not skip any step that has been mentioned anyway the order of steps when writing the check can be changed. Let us have a quick look at the steps.

  • Step 1 – Write Date
  • Step 2 – Fill To Pay
  • Step 3 – Write Amount in numbers
  • Step 4 – Write Amount in words
  • Step 5 – Do Your Signature
  • Step 6 – Memo (Optional)

Tips to How to Write A Check?

Here are a few general tips on writing a check:

  • Always write the check neatly.
  • Try to write in print style instead of cursive style.
  • Make sure you don’t make any spelling mistakes.
  • Never overwrite anything and anywhere on the check.
  • Signature on the check should be done very carefully as any mistake in this can make the check invalid.
  • Always go through the check after you finish writing a check.
  • After you finish writing and rechecking the check remember to write the details of the check (date, check number, payee name, and check amount) in the check register of your checkbook. The check register is at the front of your checkbook.

General information about the check:

  • Check Number – Every check has a different number, it is mentioned at the top and bottom of the check.
  • Account Number – Your bank account number is mentioned on every check of your checkbook.
  • Who Payer and payee? – A payer is the person who is writing the check is known as the payer and the person or company to whom the check is written is known as the payee.

How to balance a checkbook?

Whenever you make a deposit or a withdrawal you must not it in your must keep a track of it. You get a checkbook register with your checks. Whenever you give a check you must enter the details in it of every deposit via check. It helps you to keep track of your checks used.

The following information should be noted.

  • The check number should be noted carefully
  • The date you wrote on the check should be noted
  • The name of the person or firm to whom you wrote the check is important to note
  • The description of the transaction should be noted
  • Write the amount of the payment

Some Security Tips for using Checks

Here are some habits that will keep you your account safe from frauds

  • Write the check with a permanent pen never use a pencil. Pencil wrote can be erased by anyone and the check amount can be changed.
  • Never give blank checks. You must take care that you do not sign any blank check. You must always write the name and check the amount while writing a check. Giving someone unlimited access for a checking account is very risky
  • Whenever you write an amount on the check make sure that you write check in the dollar amount. Also, make sure that there is no chance for a scammer to add anything to it. You can do this by starting from the far left and always draw a line after the last digit.
  • If you want to have a paper record of the check you are giving then you can get checkbooks with carbon copies.

After you know how to write a check you must have some quires, here are some general questions about a check. At AskCorran you can know about different types of Checks.


How To Write A Void Check?

To write a “Void Check you have to simply write “Void” across the check. The check can be blank / partially filled or completely filled.

How To Sign A Check?

You must sign a check at the space given in the bottom right side of the check. You must sign with the same signature you signed on the document when you opened the bank account. Any mismatch or mistake in your sign will make the check invalid.

How To Write A Check With Cents?

When writing the amount in numbers or in words you have to mention the cents after you write dollars.

For example :

In numbers – 357.59

In words – Three Hundred Fifty-Seven Dollars and 59 cents.

How To Write A Check For Cash?

When to fill out a check in the space for “Pay To The Order Of” you have to write Cash instead of payee name. With this, the check can be cashed from your bank.

Can You Write A Check To Yourself?

Yes, you can write a check to yourself. You have to write your name in the space of “Pay To The Order Of” and the check will be in your name, you will be the payer as well as the payee.

What Is The Sequence On A Check?

Sequence Number – this number matches the Sequence Number in the top right corner of your check. Sometimes it appears before your Account Number, sometimes after. The Routing Number, Account Number and Sequence Number combined is called the MICR or Magnetic Ink Character Recognition.

Is Cheque A Means Of Payment?

The payee can be the drawer himself or a third party. A cheque is a means of payment used by the business, just like a cash payment or transfer.

What Is A Beginner Check?

Counter checks, also called temporary or starter checks, are a set of plain, printed checks from your bank that include your account information and the bank’s routing number. They can be used like personal checks.

How To Write A Check For One Hundred Twenty Five Dollars?

Your final written amount should look like this: “One hundred twenty-five dollars and 25/100.” Numeric: There will be a box on the right side of the check where you’ll add in the amount for the check.


Checks are the safest to use when making a payment of larger amounts. The check is written by payer or drawer to the payee. You have to fill six blank spaces on the check forum. You can write check for any amount and to any person or firm. The check can also be used to withdraw cash. Also, you have a track of the check payment all at one place in the checkbook record page. After writing a check several times you will find it easy to write other types of checks like Certified checks.

With the growing use of technology, the use of check has become very less but it is important for you to know about filling a check. We have mentioned every detail about how to write a check that will make it easy for you to write a check.