How Much Is Disability Insurance? And Other FAQs About Coverage

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According to one study, each year 375,000 Americans become disabled. However, most people still don’t have disability insurance.

Are you financially prepared in case something happens to you and you can’t work anymore?

If you’re not, make sure you read this article to find out: “How much is disability insurance?” and discover more useful information!

How Much is Disability Insurance?

A lot of factors will go into determining how much your disability insurance will cost you. However, on average, it normally costs between 1 and 3% of your salary. Depending on how much you make, you could get a policy that costs $25 a month but could go as high as $500 a month.

But there are all kinds of factors that could go into driving your costs higher. Knowing these factors could help you find ways to save money on these high insurance rates.

Amount of Coverage

The amount of coverage will obviously affect how much you have to pay. If you need more coverage, you’ll obviously have to pay more.

However, if you have a cheaper coverage, you may have a higher premium and copays, so you should weigh those costs before you pick one.

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The Waiting Period

If you’re getting long-term disability, you’ll have to deal with a waiting period first. This period is also called the elimination period which is when they could deny your claim.

If you can only wait for a short period, you’ll end up having to pay more for your insurance. However, if you can wait for a longer period, you might have a lower policy cost in the end.

In the meantime, you can sign for short-term disability insurance, which can cover your regular, everyday expenses.


How old you are will also make a difference. Like with car insurance, if you’re older, it will cost you more.

However, if you’re younger you have a slightly lower chance of becoming disabled, which means that the insurance can offer you a lower premium.

Benefit Period

You can have it last for one year or for the rest of your lifetime. The longer you have your policy go for, the more expensive it will be.

If a lifetime is too expensive for you but a few years is too short, you should opt for one that is five or ten years. However, you should choose the one that is most affordable for you just in case something does happen.

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Do You Really Need This Insurance?

A lot of people hear “disability insurance” and think that this insurance doesn’t apply to them because they’re perfectly healthy. However, if you get an injury that hinders you from doing your job, this insurance will have you covered when you can’t earn a paycheck.

So if you’re on the fence on whether or not disability insurance is right for you, look at your budget and ask yourself if you have enough money to cover yourself if something happens.

This disability insurance is perfect for people who don’t have enough savings to cover their paychecks if something does happen to them.

Why is the Insurance Company Surveiling Me?

When you file a disability claim, the insurance company might surveil you during the waiting period.

“Many insurance companies put claimants ‘under surveillance’ in order to make sure they aren’t lying about their claims of being disabled,” says David Preszler with Preszler Law Firm.

They do this to see if you’re really telling the truth about your disability. This is completely legal, and it helps the insurance companies to make sure they’re paying truthful claims.

By doing this, they might be able to offer lower premiums to the people who have legitimate claims.

When Should You Buy Disability Insurance?

The best time that you could buy disability insurance is right now. It’s best to get it while you’re young and don’t have any major health issues.

This way you are more eligible to qualify and you can also have a lower premium rate because you’re at a lower risk.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

Disability insurance can be useful if something happens to you, but it doesn’t always cover everything.

In the event that something does happen to you and hinders you from working, disability insurance will step in and help cover part of your income. However, it won’t cover your medical bills or any other long-term issues. This is why you also need a standard health insurance policy with it.

Do You Have to Take a Medical Exam?

When you first apply for an individual disability policy, they may send you a medical questionnaire so they can determine if they want to insure you. The information you supply here will also determine how much your policy will cost.

Depending on how old you are and what medical conditions you have, they may ask you to take a medical exam. The insurance company normally covers it, and it’s a pretty standard medical exam.

In some cases, they might ask for a urine or blood sample, so be prepared for that.

Learn More About Disability Insurance

If you’re wondering, “How much is disability insurance?” you’ll have to look at your salary and what kind of policy you want. However, if you can afford it, you should sign up as soon as possible!

We know that insurance can be difficult to figure out and might seem overwhelming at times. But you don’t have to figure it out alone.

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