How much should an engagement ring cost?

Rohan Mathew

How much should an engagement ring cost

How much should the engagement ring cost? This is the most frequently asked question from men on the subject of commitment. We’ll help you determine your personal budget, so you know how much you should spend. Clearly, stating a binding price is not the right approach. Income calculators and questionable tables that can be found in cost guides on the Internet are often of no help either. However, before buying a ring, there are some aspects to take into account to get a better idea of the correct budget. But of course, you can rely on these simple engagement rings if you want to save money.

Are emotional factors more important than price?

For women, the price of the engagement ring is not the only important factor. In addition to price, traditional emotional, social and family aspects play an equally important role. Until the man considers all the aspects together, he cannot answer the question of what value the engagement ring has for his partner. Some of these factors are:

– For the woman, the engagement ring is the most beautiful and romantic proof that her boy wants to spend the rest of her life with her.

– Her girl will wear the ring with great joy for the rest of her life and surely she will not have any jewelry with which she associates so many positive emotions.

– When she sees the ring, her fiancée will always remember the day of the marriage proposal and her boy.

– Her partner will want to show the ring to her friends full of pride.

– Passing down the engagement ring to the next generation is a wonderful tradition.

The arguments that we have listed above, which are rather emotional, also mean that women attach importance to a high-quality ring with real diamonds. Well, let’s move on to the costs of the engagement ring.

Costs: Determine Your Personal Budget – Monthly Salary Rule

When determining the budget for the wedding proposal ring, the monthly net income is a good reference value. At least half of the monthly net salary must be invested. And if you have some savings, you should dedicate an entire monthly salary as a budget for the engagement ring. After all, buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime romantic investment. The cost of the ring, which you only have to pay once, will quickly be forgotten.

Budget based on your income

Men who want to commit are often still early in their careers. We believe that costs should be in a healthy proportion to income and we recommend that you take your monthly income as a reference value. And one more fact for lovers of American series: in European countries there are few men who buy gemstone engagement rings at the US level for €5,000 and more.

Take it with humor, it’s just 5 dollar cents a day!

Many Americans believe that investing in an engagement ring must also “hurt” a bit on the pocketbook. We don’t see it that way. And despite this, buying a good quality engagement ring is a real investment that deserves to be well thought out. But look at it this way: you’ve found the woman of her life! And to prove it to him, she is going to buy him an engagement ring for about 1,000 dollars. Your girl of hers will say “Yes!” and they will live 50 happy years together

What do you think? Is it worth having her girlfriend radiating happiness for the next 50 years for 5 cents a day?

What happens when we spend too little?

Well, it depends on each girl. And every man should know more or less what his girl expects of him. Almost every man who gets engaged buys a high-value piece of jewelry for the first time in his life. And our goal when referring to the monthly salary is to give men security for the purchase decision they face.