How Parents Can Prepare Themselves & Their Little Ones for Preschool

Rohan Mathew

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Is your little one getting ready to go off to preschool for the first time soon? The transition to preschool can be an emotional and nerve-wracking one for both parents and children, so it’s entirely normal if you’re feeling worried or anxious about it. However, just as you look up how to improve kids immunity to keep your child healthy and purchase organic vitamin D for babies to ensure they get all the nutrients they need, all it takes is some care and preparation to get ready for this major life milestone.

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Start Reading More, Encouraging Healthy Habits at Home and Practicing Preschool Skills

One of the best ways you can get your child ready for preschool is by starting good habits at home. You can prime your child for the preschool environment by making sure to:

  • Offer your child Wellements organic baby products and other healthy foods to help them get in the habit of eating well-rounded, nutritious meals on their own
  • Explain the importance of sitting down for a healthy lunch every day and practice the habit at home so they’ll keep it up when they’re in school
  • Read with your child every day and help foster strong language skills that they can use in preschool
  • Ask your child’s soon-to-be preschool teacher for a list of topics covered during the year if you want to get a head start on practicing some preschool skills at home over the summer

Begin Fostering Greater Independence in Your Child Bit by Bit

Preschool requires children to be on their own during the day, possibly for the first time ever. This means that fostering more independence in your child bit by bit before they enter preschool can help make the transition smoother for them. You may want to:

  • Begin offering your child more choices in everyday life and allow them a greater degree of independence in making their own decisions
  • Ensure your child knows what to do in emergency situations when you might not be around
  • Make sure your child has been fully potty-trained and can go to the bathroom by himself or herself without any troubles

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Remind Yourself, and Your Child, That This Is a Normal and Exciting Stage of Life

If you’re having anxiety over the start of school, or if your child is worried, remind yourself that this stage of life is both normal and exciting! Help assuage any fears by:

  • Spending some time visualizing the first day of school to emotionally prepare
  • Talking about the start of school a few months in advance to help yourself and your child get used to the idea
  • Discussing how everyday life will look different once your child starts school
  • Encouraging your child to open up about any fears or anxieties they may have about starting school and help talk them through their worries
  • Continuing to foster good language and social skills at home so you can rest assured your child will be well prepared to start preschool

Getting your child ready to start preschool can be a complex process for both you and your child. By using these tips, you and your child can feel fully prepared for the transition.