How to master your sales call follow-up in 3 easy steps?

Rohan Mathew

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Cold selling is all about follow-ups. The real deal got closed after some much needed follow-ups. However, most of the sales reps don’t follow up after the first or second sales call. It’s necessary to understand that following up builds the foundation of a long-term relationship. The idea is to gauge the prospect’s interest, regularly communicate with them, learn about their pain-point and educate them on how your product will provide a beneficial solution. Without following up, you won’t be able to share any of your solutions with them, and they will never know that your product can help them to solve their problem.

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That’s why a follow-up is an essential part of the sales strategy. You can close deals faster by working with the cold calling scripts and analysis through the sales performance management software.

Following up through email

Email is one of the commonly used mediums to send cold emails. Studies have shown that around 70% of people buy the product after five contact times. 

There’s a slight difference between sending a boring follow-up email and a good follow-up email. Here, the aim is to encourage prospects to take the required action. 

So, how will you know what’s a good sales follow-up email?

A good sales follow-up email should be interesting, provide value to the leads, and encourage them to move forward in the sales cycle. This is also known as lead nurturing.

You can provide value to the prospects by sharing relevant videos, guides, research reports, and tutorials that help them improve their buying experience.

Some examples of sales follow-up emails include:

Email 1

Hi [first name],

We just published a research report on [topic name] where we wanted to [share the idea behind the research report]. Based on your previous conversation, it may be valuable to you. Let me know what you think about it or whether you want to chat further.

I hope you have a good day.


Email 2

Hi [first name],

How is it going with you? Can we schedule a time for Tuesday at 5 pm? How does this sound to you?


Similarly, you can create the relevant email sequences for different occasions and schedule them in sales management software to follow up with your prospects.

Following up through phone

As many as cold emails are used to sell products, in the same way, a large amount of sales calls are also being done.

Unlike following up in emails, it is recommended to follow up three times and a voice message if the prospect doesn’t pick up the phone.

Pursuing more than three times is seen as desperate and annoying. So, do follow up with your prospects, also try to give them space, and don’t come across as pushy. Here, you’re trying to build a relationship with your client, and there’s no way you want to ruin it.

Some tips while following up through phone are:

  • Ask them relevant questions and try to understand their situation.
  • Don’t come across as too salesy, and
  • Genuinely, be enthusiastic about helping them out. 

Following these tips will assist you in creating a genuine relationship with them.

Identify the right sales touchpoint.

Sales touchpoints are an essential factor while selling your product to prospects. Generally, touchpoints are seen as a point of intersection between your customers and your brand by using different marketing strategies. 

When it comes to sales touchpoints, the point of intersection is limited to the areas where sales work occurs. Here, you need to figure out different advertising strategies and are often restricted to inside and outside sales.

That’s why it’s essential to understand the need for a sales touchpoint. While interacting with the prospects, make sure not to overdo it. Be genuine and provide lots of value, which will help you meet your sales quota.  


Many sales reps think that if they don’t get a response in one or two sales calls/emails then, they should move on to the next prospect. But this cycle goes on and on. The same thing will happen to the second, third, and fourth prospects. To break this never-ending cycle, you need to follow up with your prospects. 

We know that people are busy, they don’t have any time to waste, and they can take some time to reply back. That is where you need to identify when and how to follow up with them. It won’t be easy but will highly be beneficial in the long run.

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