How PPC Landing Pages Can Enhance SEM Performance and Increase ROI

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How PPC Landing Pages Can Enhance SEM Performance and Increase ROI

The significance of ultra-targeted PPC landing pages is recognized and recommended by several PPC professionals across the globe as a sound paid post-click search strategy. The aim is not only to increase traffic but also to close the sale.

According to Wordstream research done on more than 1,000 Google Ad accounts, approximately 65% of people click on a PPC ad when they want to buy something. Many e-commerce businesses concentrate on getting traffic to a website but forget about the importance of PPC landing pages. Here we will discuss how you can invest in PPC landing pages and the best practices around it that can increase page conversions, improve SEM performance and get the most out of your ad spend.

What is a PPC Landing Page?

When a potential lead clicks on your PPC ad (pay-per-click ad), the page that he gets is the PPC landing page. PPC Landing Page is the first impression that your customers get and should be well-optimized to intrigue buyers and lure them into closing a sale. Several businesses and marketers consider their homepage as their landing page, which is not a very impressive idea, as a landing page should be campaign-specific.

Why Landing Pages are Key for PPC

As soon as a lead clicks on the PPC ad and reaches the page, he can:

  • Scroll around and leave the page
  • Get distracted
  • Get impressed and continue in the sales funnel

Landing pages are fundamental to PPC because they can push leads down the purchase funnel that begins from their search query and ad. A beneficial landing page also increases your Quality Score – the way Google Ads rates the quality of your ad compared to others which means better ad positions and lower cost-per-click. Other web pages are not optimized for conversion in the same way as good landing pages and do not complete the paid search campaign experience.

The landing page experience empowers Google to build your score. Besides landing page experience, other factors that affect quality scores, according to Google, are:

  • Click-through rate, which is the likelihood that leads will click on your ad.
  • Ad relevance determines how it complements a user’s search intent.

Your landing page experience is monitored and assessed by Google by human and automation responses.

What should you include on your landing page?

You should consider hiring a professional agency for search engine marketing services to build a comprehensive PPC landing page that is unique to each campaign and includes:

  • A catchy or benefit-oriented title along with subtitles
  • High-quality images and videos that cover all angles
  • Short copy that appeals to the buyer
  • Outstanding Product Benefits
  • Consumer Testimonials and Trustmarks
  • A clear and concrete call to action

Best practices for PPC landing pages

Landing pages are important. Pre-click PPC elements are critical, which include keyword selection and ad design, which entice the leads to reach the landing page – so you must carefully select elements to build your pre-click and post-click PPC elements so that the leads get what they want and reach where you want them to reach.

Create a positive first impression

Make your landing page attractive and fill it with all the relevant information that your leads would expect. Include content and context that would guide visitors to the next steps and encourage them to take these steps.

Generate leads and conversions

Present compilation forms and offer insights and resources in customer areas of interest so that they are tempted to fill out the form for the unique offer you made.

Promote your new services and products

Share updates, innovations, new products and services, and offers that can solve the customer’s purpose. If there are recent press releases or social network announcements about a new milestone your business achieved, you must highlight it on the landing page. 80% of visitors are impressed when your show ROI and reasons to do business with them.

Clear and concise

An expert SEM agency can help you provide a clear and concise explanation of your products, services, presentation, and your business without any room for ambiguity. Landing pages have the advantage of not skipping or cutting words. 

Increase credibility

Create solution-focused landing pages and show off some of the reviews and testimonials from your existing customers to make your point. You can even add company logos from past clients, which instantly builds credibility with visitors. This makes the visitors more confident about the excellent service you have provided in the past.

Significantly improve search traffic

PPC landing pages show the ease of search and cover SEO with optimal use of keywords to improve organic traffic.

Analyze search traffic and identify qualified leads

You must find out the actual percentage of leads moving further down the funnel. Help visitors find direction to move to stronger engagement. Concise and clear CTAs and internal links can prevent leads from getting distracted and promote them to complete the sale.

Reasons Why You Need to Invest in PPC Landing Pages for a Better SEM Performance   

Apply the following strategies for a better landing page that can enhance your SEM performance.

You can create campaign-specific pages

Creating multiple campaigns helps identify different needs and caters to the wants of the people by directing them to the page they want to visit according to their search query. Avoid choosing your home page as your landing page, as it has a different role to play. Different campaign-specific landing pages with an effective CTA will lead to a higher SEM performance.

Make it fast

Having a fast-loading landing page will make your customers stay there and look for more. Google’s research reveals that the ideal time is one second to reach a landing page, and sites that take 3 seconds have a 32% more bounce rate as compared to the ones that take only a second.

Keep testing

Consistent testing helps you find out which area of your landing page increases engagement and helps you in getting quality leads. Use the A/B testing technique that allows you to measure the content and create a perfect page that covers all of your goals.

Make sure the title, offer, and CTA match

For your PPC ads and the relevant landing page that it takes your customers to, you need to ensure that the context matches with what your ad says and relates to the customer’s query. A great CTA will help the prospect to the next set of steps to complete the sale. Use Call-To-Action Phrases like

  • Click here to get the offer
  • Subscribe and get it for free
  • Click on this tab to download

Showcase images, visuals, videos, and creative designs

Visuals are the strength of your product that can convey the idea of offering the right kind of product and service to the lead at deep discounts. Visuals motivate viewers to the CTA and enhance the impact on your landing page conversions.

Integrate your USP to your landing page

Address your prospect’s concerns and highlight the USP of your brand or business on the landing page so that they eventually move down the conversion funnel. Align all saleable and motivational elements on the page to achieve this goal.

Using the right keywords and messages

Using the right words can help your landing page achieve a high-quality Score or Keyword Relevance Score in an ad campaign and scale up your SEM performance. You must keep the ad title the same as the landing page title. Make sure the text on the PPC ad does not differ from that on the landing page, or else the leads may bounce back due to inconsistencies.

Don’t use too many fields in forms

If prospects see too much to fill to get to a simple product, it may agitate them and force them to leave. Ask for basic information like email and phone number without indulging in too much personal data. You can add one or two fields based on your company’s specific requirements.

Answer all questions and objections

You need to make your leads feel confident about buying your product and encourage them that they made the right decision. Resolve queries and issues that the consumers can be skeptical about. Don’t leave any questions, objections, or concerns unanswered. Address FAQs like:

  • Where can I find my search query?
  • Is this site trustworthy?
  • What if I don’t like the product?
  • What is the return policy?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What shipping options do I have?

Provide contact information

An effective CTA or a landing page will include your phone number and email address so that you give your prospects the leverage to find you when they want to. This allows them to contact you if they have any questions or complaints. You can also provide links to customer service or help centers.

Decide on content before design

Starting with the design can limit the writers, so it should always be the other way around. The design is meant to strengthen the content, and the written content decides what kind of design would best fit it. So get your content first, and then design it accordingly.

Eliminate Pop-ups

Pop-ups can distract the audience and violate the rule of your goal frustrating many and resulting in increased bounce-off rates from your landing page. Distracting the audience mid-way with unreasonable pop-ups can harm your SEM performance, so it is recommended to use a soft pop-up in the end, like, “Before you go…”

Mobile Optimization

Besides using keywords liberally and enhancing the SEO of your landing page, you must make your page more responsive by optimizing it for mobiles. Millions of people use their smartphones to look for products and complete a sale. Mobile-friendly landing pages can enhance the success of your PPC campaign, improve your SEM performance and deliver the best ROI.

Don’t forget to use a thoughtful thank you page

It’s humane and polite to thank the prospect for visiting your page which adds value and makes a good impression on the visitors.


Well-thought and well-equipped landing pages can make your PPC campaign a superhit and enhance your SEM performance. These are an important part of your sales funnel and can result in better ROI if they manage to impress your leads. Optimize your landing pages and apply the above-mentioned tips and techniques to attract organic search results. You need to use the skills of a writer, designer, and developer to implement effective measures on your PPC landing page to increase your conversions. So, don’t ignore these basics and let your landing pages get the best of sales for your business!