Football Golf Vs Zorb Football

Charlotte Miller

Football Golf Vs Zorb Football

So you’re looking for a great stag party activity, something fun, energetic and entertaining?

So how do you choose between these two whacky examples? do you do for the more golfy version of Football Golf

or the more Football version of Zorb football?

Hopefully, this short article looking at what is involved with each one, might just help you decide which is best for your group!

Whatever your choice, both will make an ideal stag party activity and would leave everyone taking part with some long lasting fun memories.

Football Golf

So what is Football Golf? well as the name may suggest it’s football and golf combined in to one crazy game!

This have a go sport would make for a great Stag Party activity, as it’s highly addictive, stupidly competitive and

would allow your whole group to join in and have some serious fun.

With venues popping up in most the major cities, this activity would compliment any Bristol Stag Weekend or if over the bridge any Cardiff stag weekend.

The aim of the game is to make your way around the golf course and get your football in each hole, with as few kicks as possible.

Sounds relatively simple, yeah!!!  

Well add to the mix your football golf co-ordinator, a few alcoholic prizes and a forfeit sheet things start to get a little more complicated.

A tournament match typically comprises of both match play and Texas scramble challenges, which will ensure the games stays interesting and

gives everyone the chance to showcase their skills.  With a few hidden surprises along the way its sure to not disappoint.

There are prizes for the winning team members and for the rest of the group, the prize of being outdoors with friends having a great laugh.

Zorb Football

Also known as bubble football, this hilarious version of the game involves everyone popping themselves inside an inflateable bubble, running

around like nutters in the hope of scoring a goal, or even better scoring the winning goal!  

However with everyone going for the ball it’s inevitable, your bound to clash and be bouncing around the floor like a bunch of tennis balls being fires

from a machine.

This high energy action event will be supervised and refereed, venues offer good pitches and an onsite bar, making it an ideal event for a fun stag get together.

Whatever you decide the most important thing is that everyone has fun, to avoid disappointment it is always best to book such popular activities well in advance

to secure your spot and leave yourself plenty of time to collect the funds and pay.