How promising is the events industry to future professionals?

Rohan Mathew

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Are you a pro at hosting and managing spectacular events? Do people remember your events long after they happen? If yes, an event management career awaits you!

Event management is one of the most happening professions in the 21st century. You get to hobnob with famous people, make influential contacts and make important dates memorable for the concerning people. 

But how do you get your foot into the door? The answer can be reputed event management courses in Dublin, Ireland.

The event management industry is quite promising in Ireland. The country is no stranger to global events and has hosted hundreds of music or culture concerts. Ireland has also hosted events of global stature such as the Festival of World Cultures or the Special Olympics World Games.

Pursuing an event management course in the country can give you access to high-paying jobs in the Irish event management industry.

The salaries in this industry are competitive as compared to other professional fields as well. Grad Ireland reveals that entry level yearly salaries in the Irish event management industry can be more than € 20,000. Experienced professionals can earn up to € 64,000 per year.

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Here is a short list of some interesting career options as an event management graduate in Ireland.

  1. Event planners: This role is apt for people with strong multi-tasking skills. Event planners look after every aspect of arranging and hosting a small or large personal or commercial event. This can include looking after the catering, personnel, decorations and the required tech set-up.
  2. Wedding Planners: The wedding planning industry is a billion-dollar industry across the world. Every year, hundreds of couples and their families spend millions of dollars to make their marriage day beautiful and memorable. As a wedding planner you should know the ins and outs of every wedding topic from wedding trousseau to marriage certificates. You will be responsible for planning a wedding that meets the expectations and budget of your clients.
  3. Venue Managers: Venue or event space managers are responsible for hosting different events in their own spaces. As a venue manager, you should have a thorough knowledge of the layout of your venue, its ambience, and the kind of logistics it would support. You might also have to turn into an event planner for the events hosted in your space.
  4. Sponsorship Coordinators: Many non-profit outfits and organizations depend on their wealthy donors to keep their operations going. Hence, they often conduct high-profile events like lunches, dinners and other fundraising events to earn the goodwill of these donors. Sponsorship coordinators are in charge of hosting these fundraising events and cater to the needs and wishes of important guests in the event.

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Apart from these career options, there are many more event management careers in the market such as PR manager, wedding consultants or event management specialists. You can also become a catering services manager, logistics coordinator, communication manager, or an event social media coordinator.

Event management careers are fast-paced, interesting and financially rewarding. Invest in a good event management program to gain relevant expertise for entering the global event management industry.