6 Steps to Take Before You Start a Construction Project

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Starting a construction project is an extremely exciting, but demanding, process. But preparation for the project itself is of the utmost importance. Without appropriate planning, it is easy to miss certain points which could damage the success of your project. Here are six steps that you need to take before starting a construction project. With these steps covered, you’ll have everything ready to start, and succeed with your project.

1. Do your initial planning

The initial planning begins with thinking big. Map out exactly what you want to accomplish with your project, because then your project will have direction and a clearer trajectory. After deciding what you’re going to achieve at the end of your project, you can start to flesh out your plan, complete with personnel, resource and budget requirements.

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2. Hire the right people

You need to have the right people on your side for your project. This means finding the right people with the skills and experience that you need. This includes laborers, consultants and a construction project manager too. Choose your team based on the expertise you need, including Sydney quantity surveyors and architects. Once you’ve covered all the skill requirements in each part of your project, you’re one step closer to starting it as you have people who can make it happen. 

3. Find the right site

Whether you’re building a house or community center, the construction site you pick can make or break your project. Think about where your project needs to be to serve its purpose after completion first. Next, you’ll want to choose a site that has a suitable natural makeup too. This is where your personnel from the previous step come in, as you can utilize environmental specialists to confirm if the land you’re building on is safe and legal for use. 

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4. Get your permits and planning permissions in order

Any construction project will need some sort of permit to start. So before your construction can begin, you need to work through any red tape. Being organized at this step really will help in the long run, because it means that you won’t get any nasty surprises further down the road if you have all your paperwork in order.

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5. Work out your budget

Your project won’t be able to go ahead unless there is sufficient funding for it. The budgeting process is crucial before construction starts because it will define the scope of your project. It will help you work out if you need to source any extra funding, or equally if you need to scale down the project in some way. 

Here are a few budgeting techniques you can use:

  • Zero-based Budgeting
  • Incremental Budgeting
  • Activity-based Budgeting

6. Organize a schedule

The last step to take before starting your construction project is planning your tasks. Having a schedule to follow will keep you and your team on track, and give you benchmarks to work to. The schedule doesn’t necessarily need to be airtight, as unexpected tasks can pop up throughout the duration of your project. So it’s important to be flexible too, and not put too much pressure on keeping strict deadlines (unless you need to of course).