How Smart Building Automation redefines the Future of Building

Rohan Mathew

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As you become busier in making your lives equipped with the best things, most of your time is confined to the concrete structures around you. From home to office to any restaurant or hotel for lunch and dinner and then back to your office and home, the only time you get to spend outside is generally when you commute. Perhaps this is the primary reason that coined the terms such as smart building automation, building automation solutions, and commercial building automation.

Features of future buildings

As the number of time people spends inside these concrete structures increases, their demands to have better, more aesthetically designed, and technologically efficient buildings are also increasing.

Hence, the future constructions of almost all the residential and commercial buildings that are single standalone units or comprise of multiple smaller units within them will adhere to some extra key features.

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Some of these key features are:

  1. Environments which allow seamless interaction between humans and nature
  2. Utility infrastructure that optimizes the use of the resource
  3. Systems that optimize the health and well-being of the occupants of the building
  4. Systems that support the cohesion of multifunctional and diversified communities
  5. Using building components that can overall support the fulfillment of the above features of the future building.

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What is Smart Building Automation?

The term ‘Smart Building Automation’ refers to using automatic and centralized ways to control and share information between different systems and processes running in a building.

This includes the automation of the conventional systems such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), security, utility resources management as well as any modern processes such as managing the parking area for any public building especially during rush hours, leakage prevention and monitoring, energy efficiency and sustainability, etc. for every room, floor and the building as a whole.

How Smart Building Automation redefines the Future of Building?

Smart building automation will completely redefine the future of the building. Incorporating building automation solutions and commercial building automation has the answer to make the conventional building processes more efficient and effective and add several other modern processes to automate everything towards sustainability.

To help you understand better, we have here selected just four building processes to explain to you the significant impact of smart building automation on them:

1. Lighting Control

Various lighting devices and equipment can be connected to automatic operation by using smart building automation systems. This way, you are in more and complete control of your lighting devices installed all around your space. Smart building automation allows switching the lights On and Off and adjusting light temperature, brightness, and color with its surroundings.

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2. Shading Control

Building automation solutions also offer solutions to control the amount of light that enters through the windows in your living or working space.

Smart building automation can control the functioning of curtains and blinds installed on your windows to create a balance between natural and artificial light present in your room, thus allowing the efficient use of light coming from the either light source.

3. Audio and Video Devices

Smart building automation can learn about the room’s current scene and adjust the audio and video running on your television or home theatre system or just the audio running in the background while you are having dinner. It can also link with the lighting system of your home for a better and dual experience.

4. Safety and Security

Whether it is residential or commercial building automation, your safety and security is a top priority of the smart building automation system. An extensive range of sensors and modules can be combined and integrated into your home security system.

This way, it can detect threats and keep you updated on your home or office’s security status no matter how far you are from it.

The above and HDL smart building automation solutions can help in numerous other ways to provide you with excellent smart building automation solutions. Whether you need smart building automation solutions for residential, hospitality, or commercial purposes, HDL smart building automation system will provide you with the best.