Three Services That Your Small Business Should Outsource

Rohan Mathew

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For many entrepreneurs, the path from corporate employee to business owner evolves over time. We graduate from college with dreams of a great job at a prestigious company where we will learn, grow and make our way up the corporate ladder. We expect to work hard, be mentored by good bosses and advance in our career with regular raises and promotions along the way. Then, after years of toiling in the trenches, we discover that our corporate dream was more fairy tale than real.

In those moments of newfound realization some begin to consciously seek another path. They yearn to leave the corporate world behind and chart their own course in life. A new dream, of owning their own business, begins to form. The whisper of an entrepreneurial idea seems to rise up from deep inside, like smoke from a distant fire. It calls to you, seduces you, beckons you to an exciting new realm where you plot your own path and call your own shots in life.

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Information Technology Management

If you are a new entrepreneur it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the things you have to handle. While it can seem comforting to be dealing with everyday tasks you can check off the to do list, as a new owner you have to spend your time doing what’s truly important. It’s best to outsource the detailed tasks so you have the time and energy to focus on strategy, sales, marketing and growing your new venture.

One of the first areas you should outsource is Information Technology (IT) management. You can hand off many IT tasks to third-party firms who will create a great website or app and can set up the technology infrastructure you need to get your business up and running. Cloud-based Software as a Service companies (SaaS) can provide almost all the application software you need. 

Retirement Services

One of the benefits of creating and running your own business is that you can make sure that you maximize your potential earnings and protect the money you make. Pension plans used to be for big companies with lots of employees, and plan setup and management required a lot of specialized resources. Now it’s possible for small businesses with under 500 employees to select a qualified retirement services provider who can create and manage an affordable pension plan for you.

The first step of the process is to meet with one of the principals of the firm so they can learn about your business and financial goals. A Certified Financial Planner will also be available at that meeting. Once they understand your business and complete their assessment, they can propose solutions that can help shelter your earnings, grow your money and help with employee recruiting too.

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Public Relations

Hiring a Public Relations (PR) firm is not first on the list for most new companies. Lots of companies talk about sales and marketing strategies, come up with a Facebook ad or two and call it a day when they first begin. Smart entrepreneurs, though, know how they can leverage Public Relations to vault them from startup status to being a major player in the marketplace.

The best PR groups provide a wide variety of top-tier services, from strategy development and media placement to content creation and social media management. They are experts in crafting and polishing your company and brand image. Once they truly understand your business, they can promote you across multiple communications channels and build a buzz about your firm and your offerings. 

If you want your new venture to succeed, it makes sense to outsource key functions to companies that specialize in these areas. They can quickly set up what you need and provide on-going management services that free you to focus on strategic efforts that help you accelerate and grow your new business.