How the HR is Recruiting during Pandemic

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

If your organization is hiring new employees during this difficult times,the process of hiring that your company used to take must really shift from having in-person interviews or conversations that are shifted to video chats and online recruiting

This lesson will help you with three strategies you can implement now to help your company effectively recruit, hire and onboard new employees as a remote team, which will help your organization resume to recruit top talent that can fill your staffing needs.

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According to Mitch Chailland, President of Canal HR:

“The corona-virus pandemic has radically shifted the way that businesses are working. Whether it’s an adjustment to remote offices or installing barriers and instituting other security measures, employers must be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances. While many companies’ budgets are understandably strained at the moment, it’s extremely important to continue monitoring your HR and hiring needs.”

He further added:

“Even if you’re not looking to onboard new staff right now, you should continue to think about how your hiring needs are changing. Especially with recent changes in responsibilities due to the pandemic, ask yourself which departments and positions are feeling overworked or stretched then. If you are looking to make a new hire now, do a thorough search. There are a lot of candidates looking for work right now, which means there’s a good chance you’ll find someone perfect for your business.”

  1. Let Job Seekers Know Your Company is Hiring!

Many qualified and expert graduated students who recently got graduated and were looking for jobs before the pandemic which are affected by the pandemic as most of the companies have stopped hiring. This pandemic has also resulted in massive unemployment rates causing almost 3.3 million people lose their job. If your company is still hiring in these difficult times, make sure to share your voice across social media channels that your organization is seeking new employees.

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  1. Have a Simple Employee Recruitment Procedure.

If your organization is hiring new employees during these difficult times, you need a thorough and well-thought-out recruitment or procedural employee recruitment plan in place before you start the process. Hiring employees completely remotely will be a very unique experience from hiring in-person, and it is your responsibility to the organization and to potential employees to make sure you have a process that will work.

  1. Offer the Best for your New Employees

During this very uncertain and difficult times for both job-seekers and business, make sure that your organization hire new employees with no additional modifications or reservations. Also ensure to offer your employee the best package as you can and a permanent position with competitive pay and benefits.