How To Tweeze Eyebrows?

Rohan Mathew

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How to Tweeze Eyebrows

Having neat and beautifully shaped brows is essential for creating a wonderful and attractive appearance. Your eyebrows are the frames for your eyes so it is important to have them in the correct shape in order to draw attention to your eyes and make them more beautiful looking. You can choose from many different shapes and each one can give you a different look and accentuate your eyes especially when used with different eye makeup styles. If you have the perfect eyebrows then your eye makeup will really make your eyes look bigger and brighter and really sparkle. Follow our step by step guide for learning how to tweeze eyebrows.

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One of the easiest and cheapest ways to shape your brows is tweezing, so here are a few tips that will show you how to tweeze eyebrows:

The best thing to do first is to decide on the shape that you want. When choosing a shape try to keep the basic natural shape of your brows and avoid going over the top with tweezing or experimenting with completely different shapes that are different from your natural shape. Also when considering the shape make sure that it is possible to achieve, if you have thicker brows you can achieve different shapes much more easily than if your brows are very thin.

If you just want a tidier look you can simply remove the unwanted hair from around your brows and also in between your brows, this will give them a much neater appearance, and then you can apply some eyebrow pencil to give them more volume.

If you want to change the shape you can use eyebrow stencils. The stencils make it very easy to achieve the shape you want quickly and you can also get an idea of the look by holding the stencil up to your eyebrow before tweezing. You can then use a light pencil to color inside the stencil and remove the hairs around the outline. Also using the stencils will ensure that both of your brows will be the same even shape.

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Before starting make sure that you have a good clean pair of tweezers and wash your brows with soap and water. Make sure they are dry enough so you can easily grip the hairs with the tweezers. The best way to tweeze is one hair at a time, grip the hair with the tweezers and pull the hair in the same direction in which it is growing to remove it. Try to grip the hair as close to the root as possible in order to prevent it from breaking and becoming ingrown.

If you are wondering what the best way to tweeze eyebrows is you can follow these simple tips to make it easier. Remember to also look up ‘microblading near me’ on the internet in order to familiarize yourself with the local establishments that offer this service.