How to Achieve More YouTube Subscribers and Views?

Rohan Mathew

With more and more people stick to YouTube on their phones everyday, you can hardly find out anyone who didn’t have his or her own channel. People watch videos and subscribe the channel they like, so the more your subscribers and views are, the more popular you are. How to achieve more subscribers and views on YouTube? Here’re some useful tips:

  1. Use some hack tools like YouberUp

YouberUp is a free app to help YouTubers get unlimited free YouTube subscribers from real accounts, and increase high-quality views and likes for their videos.

As a large platform, YouberUp is such a good place where tons of real YouTubers gather to watch YouTube videos and subscribe to channels they are interested in. By watching videos, subscribing to channels, or liking videos, every YouberUp user can easily earn coins that can be used to get massive free subscribers, views, and likes. Gaining real YouTube subscribers and high-quality views has never been easier with YouberUp.

  1. Give people what they don’t even know they want yet

It’s wise to have 80% of your content Search Engine Optimised (SEO), (i.e.) Topical or Evergreen content.

For the remaining 20%, you can make content – that you are genuinely passionate about, which no one else has thought about yet. Content which follows no patterns, just love. 

These videos help you to be creative, to do something new and original. 

  1. Publish long videos (10+ min) consistently

“Long Videos! Seriously?” – I can hear all of you saying this right now. Yup, this goes against conventional wisdom. But stay with me.

According to a recent study, long videos perform significantly better in YouTube’s Search Results. There are more chances for your videos to be ranked higher in YouTube’s Search Results if they are longer.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to be consistent with your posts. After all, people would only take the effort to subscribe – only if they are sure to be regularly entertained. 

Thus, make a schedule of your upcoming uploads; and strictly stick to them. You need not be a robot to accurately update content on time – every time; instead, you can use ‘Schedule Option’ available on YouTube. 

There’s a small corollary here: It’s imperative to post content regularly. After all, more videos mean more subscribers. But, the quality of your content should be given utmost importance. Any video where you pour your heart and soul into, always works well. Thus, you have to find a work ethic, that produces consistent content with utmost quality.  

Moreover, if you’ve got real huge content (40+ minutes), the video length could be potentially intimidating for anyone new.

Thus, you can post ‘highlight clips’ of interesting points and topics discussed in your video; as short videos are a perfect way to give a taste of your content. (59% of the audience watch a video till the end if it’s under a minute long.)

As long as you run your channel with full enthusiasm and warmth, people will feel and like you. With some tips and effective YouberUp, I believe you’ll get free YouTube views faster than most people. Enjoy your YouTube trip!