How to keep your baby safe from injuries on a road trip

Rohan Mathew


Nothing matters to you more than your children. Their safety is your highest priority whether

they are at home or traveling with you on a road trip. Studies show that several hundred thousand children each year across the world either suffer serious injuries or lose their lives in crashes. In most cases, inadequate safety measures are a dominant reason for the damage.

Over time, with increasing awareness about road safety for kids, several parents are wisel choosing seat belts and baby car seats at Mother’s Choice. Using this safety equipment can

significantly reduce the risk of injury to your child, provided you pick the right ones according to

the child’s age and weight. In many countries, using a baby seat or seat belt is mandatory to

ensure the safety of the little ones. Here is an overview of the importance of baby car seats and how restraining your child properly can help to prevent or mitigate injuries.

  • Understanding the risk

Roads can be uncertain and risky, especially if you are moving across state boundaries. Crashes and sudden breaks are sometimes inevitable even if you drive with utmost care and caution. When your car meets an unfortunate crash, it stops with a sudden thrust, getting to speed zero in a fraction of a second. This sudden impedance pushes every passenger forward into the structure of the car.

A child sitting in the back passenger seat is very likely to get thrown towards the back of the front seat. Children are nimble and are more prone to serious injuries that can be life-ending or can lead to lifelong disability. In other cases, there are chances of complete ejection that further elevates the probability and possible severity of the injury.

  • Safety through seat belts

Seat belts are the most commonly used measure to reduce the impact and intensity of the

injuries during a crash. It would prevent the kids from being catapulted as sudden brakes are applied. Seat belts slash the chances of high-intensity contact of the occupant in the back seat to the interior of the car. A secured fastened seat belt will also keep you from getting ejected from the car and suffering any major injury.

Sometimes, your child may suffer injuries without falling from the car or hitting the interior. This can happen due to the strong thrust due to sudden breaks. A seat belt distributes the force onto the stronger body parts and prevents such traumas.

  • Safety through a baby car seat system

Unlike seat belts that are just some straps buckled around your body, a baby car seat is a complete protection system for kids. These systems are available in various sizes and models to accommodate your child’s specific needs.

You can pick a seat according to the age and weight of your children so that they perfectly fit into it. The snug fit eliminates the chances of falling off or contacting the car’s interior. It also minimizes the impact of the crash by distributing it over a larger seat area. Baby car seats are also adjustable through their development stages as they grow.