How to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Simultaneously? 

Albert Howard

How to Build Lean Muscle and Burn Fat Simultaneously? 

Everyone desires to pull fat from the storage room in their body to acquire energy. Paradoxically, your body adapts to store it despite burning. Consequently, it develops fat lumps in your body and takes you miles away from your fitness goals. 

You might struggle to get a lean body while burning your excess body fat. However, it is not a matter of contention to build a lean body without worrying about getting fat deposits on your body. 

Lean muscles often contain a high content of connective tissues and muscles. Hence, you can have lean muscles and burn fat simultaneously. Moreover, you can burn fat without compromising your body muscle. 

Many people find it confusing to enhance your body muscle by having a balanced diet. Hence, experts recommend concentrating on burning fat instead of losing weight, as losing weight can reduce your fat and muscle. Therefore, you must choose standard ways to burn fat without losing your body muscles. Learn more about these ways in our discussion below.

Building Lean Muscle While Burning Fat

It is challenging to lose fat while retaining your body muscle. However, one can surpass this hurdle with expert guidance and proper meals. There are various ways to choose if you want to burn body fat without compromising body muscles. 

Some authentic ways are listed below:

Eat Protein-Rich Diet

To determine your required daily calorie intake, you must first estimate your body fat content. You can increase or decrease the calories by knowing the fat level. In other words, you can slightly reduce the calorie intake if you have a moderate fat level. 

However, reducing the calorie too low will impede you from building body muscle. Therefore, always acquire a moderate approach. 

Protein is a key for building and recomposing your body muscles. Make sure to incorporate ample protein in your daily meal for healthy living. Switching to protein enables you to burn your body fat. Nutritionists recommend 1.6g of protein per kg of your body weight. Therefore, incorporate a protein-rich diet, such as salmon, meat, chicken, and other essential ingredients. 

Moreover, to satisfy your craving, you must eat unprocessed food rich in fibers. Hence, you can eat fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, and beans. 

Many people are switching to a keto diet plan. This diet plan allows their body metabolism to start burning fat to gain energy. This way, by eating a high-fat diet, our body has no option but to burn fat to acquire energy.

Cut Down on the Cardio

Doing cardio is the best way to burn body fat. However, steady-state cardio can lose your body muscles. Therefore, avoid excessive bicycling, treadmill running, or jogging. 

Many experts suggest walking instead of running. Walking is a great way to lose body fat without interfering with muscle and tissues. Moreover, cardio can reduce your muscle fibers if you are on a low-calorie diet. It can enhance your appetite, cause water retention, and cause loss of muscle mass. 

Note that a thin body is different from a lean body. A thin body has low muscle and fat content, while a lean body develops muscular bulk with a low-fat level. Therefore, if you are on the journey to a lean body, stop doing cardio as it can reduce your body muscles. You can only have a thin body with cardio instead of a lean one. 

Incorporate Resistance Training

Incorporating heavy weight training into your routine allows you to enhance body muscle. Resistance training increases your endurance through various strenuous exercises. This workout includes heavy weight lifting, calisthenics, isometrics, and plyometrics. These grinding exercises will help you retain or enhance body muscle and a lean body. 

Hence, a person can acquire a lean body mass along with fat burning. However, that workout should follow a progressive overload strategy. 

Many beginners overburden their bodies during initial training sessions. Due to a lack of endurance, their bodies couldn’t sustain heavy weight. As a result, they are subjected to muscle tears and cramps. In addition to that, you can have a lean body mass calculator to determine your strength and fitness goals. 

Therefore, a person should follow progressive overload by gradually increasing the weight according to his/her body capacity. It will not burden your body and keep you motivated for your subsequent training sessions. Moreover, your body adapts according to external stimuli. Hence, you can not obtain the desired results if you continue to practice with the same weights. 

Therefore, apply variation and switch to a progressive overload strategy. By incorporating this, you can acquire a lean body and burn body fat. However, a person must ensure to balance their body with healthy and proper meals to gain strength and energy. 

Perform Strength Training

High-intensity strength training enables you to burn body fat even after several hours of workouts. On the contrary, cardiovascular activities don’t elevate your heart rate to the required level. Moreover, they can only burn fat as long as you perform it. 

Many trainers merge strength training with cardiovascular activities. It will ensure a steady and consistent rise in the heart rate along with burning calories. Hence, the effect is augmented, and a person can benefit immensely. This way, by merging these two powerful workout strategies, one can achieve his goal of a lean body while burning body calories. 

For instance, you can perform squats and different cardio bursts for 60 seconds. This way, strength training will build your endurance and body muscle. Moreover, it will significantly reduce body fat to have a well-shaped body. 

Track Your Progress

Every work requires efficient tracking. Therefore, you must track your progress in building a lean body. Don’t expect too much from a weighing machine, as it will only indicate your overall body weight, not your muscle content. People often train themselves for a month but see no significant changes in scale weight. 

Developing a lean body along with burning fat requires consistent efforts. Moreover, a person uses different parameters in measuring his progress. For instance, he can measure his waist, use jeans to measure his thigh, etc. This way, you can plan your future workout activities by tracking your progress. 


Most people find it challenging to gain muscle while burning fat. Burning body fat and developing a lean body is not an overnight task. It requires consistent efforts to achieve your goal. Muscle building is a slow process and requires time. Therefore, a person should show consistency and hard work to acquire a lead body along with fat burning. 

However, you can achieve it by following a healthy diet plan, cutting down cardio, doing progressive overload, getting strength training, and tracking your progress. This way, you can not have physical but spiritual wellness as well.