Quick Laundry Renovation Design Ideas for Homeowners

Albert Howard

Quick Laundry Renovation Design Ideas for Homeowners

Laundry, you all have it, and it is certainly one of the chores you either adore or simply dislike. Remember, if you don’t really like doing laundry, you might fall in love with the same if you have the right renovation! Indeed, you should try out something like laundry renovation ideas by Kaboodle Australia and ensure that you introduce the best one for your space.

Remember some people enjoy the luxury of having a huge laundry room. Still, the laundry rooms for most people are typically small, so it’s necessary to maximise space and even functionality, in addition to having great quality appliances, proper lighting, and even correct ventilation.

The best place to put a laundry area 

Well, that is something that depends on your needs. The laundry room, mostly situated in the basement in case you have an older home. Laundry rooms in those of unfinished basements offer a level of guard against the rest of the living area, should you have an ill-fated flood. 

However, you can even find laundry rooms on the main floor close to the kitchen or upstairs near the bedrooms in numerous modern homes. Another common area is next to the garage enabling the laundry room to be used as a mudroom, which is actually good for hectic families and pets. 

Consider introducing Shelves In the Laundry room

 There are many innovative ways to add storage, from a manifold of ready-made shelving units on wheels to even creative up-cycled pieces of different furniture. You are definitely going to be amazed what a single coat of paint will do to a weary old bookcase – a wonderful storage solution on a simple budget! 

Joining floating shelves with matching baskets is another brilliant way to streamline your overall laundry storage. Side-loading washers and even dryers are convenient to integrate storage. However, there are even fellows who prefer a top-loading washer, so you must have such a thing in mind when you are simply setting up your laundry space.

Use Laundry Room Cabinets for better functionality & storage

If you are a person who wants to keep everything neat and to the point, having lots of storage can help you stay organised, with everything with a designated space. Many people are even in favour of floor -to-ceiling cabinets. It’s the perfect way to get the utmost out of your tiny laundry space or room. However, it is also true that custom floor-to-ceiling cabinetry could come at a premium expense, however there are always other options to consider. After all, functionality of a laundry space is really important. And since you can get both functionality and storage with the right type of renovation option; you can be in a win-win situation.


To sum up, since you have a good idea about the renovation for your laundry space or room; make the most of the right one. After all, it is about enhancing the effectiveness of your laundry activities without even making it a tedious chore to do. Once you add creativity and smartness to your space, you enjoy the best experiences.