How to Care for a Long-Haired Cat?

Rohan Mathew

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Cats are the beautiful and the most amazing pet that a pet lover must own. Cats can naturally release all the stress you are going through with their one innocent look. Although all the cats are unique and beautiful in one way or the other Long-haired cats always look so attractive. They tend to grab all of your attention at first sight. 

When talking about long-haired cats the one breed that clicks in mind is the Persian cat. Other than that, British long-haired, Angora, and Birman are few other prominent cats in this respect. The long, silky, and shiny fur looks enticing but it requires real effort to maintain the good health of that fur.

The long-haired cats need extra care and look after for better growth as well as for the good health of the cat. So, listed below are some tips that can help you take care of your long-haired cat perfectly. It will also help your cat stay fit and healthy. 

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  • Take Special Care During the Fur Change

Cat owners with long-haired cats are familiar with the fact that a cat changes its fur. But for those who are new to cat ownership, it might be something new. It is a natural thing in cats that they change their fur every spring and autumn season. 

The old hair sheds off and the new fur grows in cats mostly during this season. It is natural in long-haired cats that they are provided with a completely new coat. The change in fur is a sign of a healthy cat. During the spring season the old hair completely sheds off and a lighter coat appears on the cat’s skin, which mainly protects them from UV radiations. 

Similarly, during the change of fur in the winter season, the lighter coat of hair protects the cat from wetness and cold. Thus, during this change of fur in cats a cat owner must take special care of cats. Don’t be panic but give your cat proper care and attention. 

  • Keep a Check if your Cat Experience Fur Problem

Fur problems in long-haired cats are very common and identifying such issues at an early stage will be better. If you experience any sort of change in your cat’s fur and you think it is not normal then it is time to take it seriously. 

Consult a vet and find out the root cause of this problem. Different reasons might become a cause of fur problems in cats. Such as Change in Diet, hormone imbalance, any sort of disease, stress, vitamin deficiency, etc. The sooner you get to know the cause it will be better for your cat’s health. Thus, don’t neglect this factor at all if you experience any change in the cat’s fur.  

  • Make your Cat used to Brush

One of the best ways to take care of your cat’s fur is through regular and proper brushing. Brushing a cat’s hair is as much important as a healthy diet. You cannot skip this step if you want to keep your cat’s fur smooth and silky. 

Make your cat used to brushing as early as possible and always prefer using a good cat brush. Don’t ever use plastic combs for your cat as it will contribute to excessive hair fall. The reason why brushing is important for cats is because it prevents hair loss and helps in healthy hair growth. So, it is an important tip to follow if you want to maintain the good health of your pet. 

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  • Feed a Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet plays an important role in proper growth and the good condition of the cat’s fur. When you have a long-haired cat, you need to take special care of your diet. A healthy diet must be fed to the cats, which contains the perfect amount of nutrition. 

Make sure the diet of your cat is filled with protein, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids. It is highly important and helps the fur stay silky, smooth, and shiny. 

  • Give Regular Baths

Giving a bath to your cats is another important tip to follow to maintain good health. But avoid excessive baths, once in a month or once after two weeks is enough. Instead, use wipes to keep your cats fresh and active. You can use cat wipes to clean your cat every day and it will also become helpful in maintaining good health. 


Described above are some of the tips that a cat owner with a long-haired cat must keep in mind. Following these tips is very important if you want to keep your cat healthy and fit. Also, for the fur to stay shiny, smooth, and silky it is very important to take special care of a few things that can help in this respect. The tips listed above will help you properly how you can manage and maintain the good condition of a long-haired cat.