Use a VPN Service to Protect Your Online Privacy

Rohan Mathew

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Have you ever headed about VPN? Do you know why it is important and how it can protect your online activities? Find all answers in this post.

Hide Your Real IP Address

VPN is an essential tool in growing business online. First of all, you should know what it means. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that protects your network connection while using public networks. The primary function of VPNs is to encrypt your internet circulation by hiding your online identity. This characteristic makes it difficult for any third party to know about your online activities and hack data and information. 

An IP address is required every time you go online. An IP address functions as your internet address or public ID, allowing data or information to be transferred between devices. When you utilize internet services, applications, or visit websites, you are exposing your IP address.

Your IP address may disclose a lot about yourself. It keeps track of your location, browsing patterns, download and payment history, and any other online activity. Your IP address allows hackers, employers, and advertisers to effortlessly monitor your data and privacy. As a result, concealing your IP address is the first, but most important, step in protecting your data and online activities.

This is the main reason why you need a VPN, whether it’s a paid or free VPN. It can hide your real IP address by giving you a virtual one, so no one can know where exactly you come from.

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Access Blocked Websites and Remote Work 

Regardless of whether it simply assists you at the beginning, the cost of setting up a private organization might be somewhat critical. Different workers and telecoms firms can interface with your organization at the same time in the event that you use a VPN. 

Cloud applications may likewise be open over a VPN and utilized in a virtual climate. At the point when you utilize a VPN, you might get to your information from any area, regardless of whether a few pages are restricted. Representatives can work gainfully with a VPN since they are not needed to work in a particular area.

Now you have a basic understanding of how important a VPN service is, it’s time to move forward, which provider is the best free VPN for windows? Well, we high recommend iTop VPN.

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About iTop VPN

iTop VPN is the most reliable free VPN that consistently shrouds your IP address and encodes your organization traffic to guarantee that your area, character, and action are not watched and constrained by programmers. 

Different benefits of using the iTop VPN incorporate boundless speed and transmission capacity, admittance to restricted sites, and the default firewall, 256-bit SSL encryption security, and veiling the ISP’s IP address.

Your IP address after using iTop now points to a different place than it did before. Because they value security, the amount of privacy they provide is the most valuable service they provide to clients. Spyware and censorship are simple to turn off. Because it provides a free Virtual Private Network for Windows, iTop VPN is beneficial.

Furthermore, high bandwidth is well-known for generating problems in the real world. You may limit bandwidth in a number of ways to upload large files or edit your favorite shows and movies. Using iTop, the best free VPN for Windows will help you overcome this problem. It is possible to download and return any version of the file to the unofficial bandwidth app. This VPN encrypts your data, making it secure to hold online meetings. Many people use this app and have a good time discussing their friends or going to meetings.

Besides offering the VPN for Windows, iTop also releases packages for Android and iOS. No matter which device you will use to surf, iTop has got all of your needs covered.


The demand for a VPN is becoming stronger and stronger. It’s time to use a VPN to hide your privacy. And if possible, tell your friends to use a VPN service too.