How to Choose the Best Hunting Knives

Rohan Mathew

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Is it time to buy your next hunting knife? Maybe it’s going to be a holiday gift for an outdoorsy person on your Christmas list, or you’re just giving yourself an early present.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to go on the hunt for your new tool.

How do you know when you’re looking at the best hunting knives? there are so many different options that it can seem impossible to find the right one. What makes knives different from each other? Don’t they all complete the same purpose?

Let’s talk about it.

Keep reading to learn about how to choose the best hunting knife for your needs.

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Read Reviews

In the age of the internet, reviews, and recommendations by other buyers are your best bet for finding the right hunting knife.

Hunting knife reviews should be pretty straightforward. Is the knife easy to grip? Does it travel well? Does it actually cut?

Remember that everyone has different preferences when it comes to knives. Some people prefer ones that fold. Some prefer a certain size of handle or a certain gripping material.

Others are classicists and want something traditional. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” types.

Find your match and see what they have to say about the different available knives.

To Fold or Not to Fold?

Most people have a preference for folding knives vs non-folding knives. Both have their benefits and downsides. A folding knife is great for easy transport and it may have multiple blades depending on the knife. Check out some of the best folding knives here to see if any of them suit your wielding style.

Folding knives do have the potential to malfunction which can be dangerous or ineffective depending on the situation. Static knives don’t have this problem. They’re also easier to clean and tend to have sturdier blades.

One version isn’t better than the other. It’s all up to personal preference.

Learning the Blade

The blade of your knife is the most important part. Different blades serve different purposes. General knives will look more like what a “knife” is supposed to look like. It’s sharp and straightforward. There are plenty of niche blades, but you’re looking for a handful of basics for the average hunter.

Drop-point blades have convex backs. They can be good for punctures, but their main purpose is for skinning. Clip-point blades have concave backs. While they can skin, they’re better at puncturing.

There are hybrid blades that can suit both purposes effectively, or you can choose a folding knife that houses multiple blades at once.

Some knives have a small gut hook on the end. This isn’t essential but they make quick work of opening the hide of the animal. Combining one of these with a skinning knife will make your job easy.

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What are the Best Hunting Knives for You?

When looking for the best hunting knives, make sure you’re getting specific about what you want. When you’re choosing for a friend or family member it can be helpful to ask about their own hunting preferences. It’s better still to ask what kind of knife they need.

This might ruin the surprise of the gift but it will guarantee that you’re getting them something that they’ll love.

For more tips and tricks to help you find the products that are best for you, make sure to visit the rest of our site.