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Flight simulation games have been around since electrical engineer Bruce Artwick introduced the prehistoric Microsoft Flight Simulator on the 8-bit Apple II in the late 1970s, kicking off decades of commercial software. With the advancement of computer processing power, flight simulators have become increasingly realistic, allowing users to experience what it’s like to be a pioneer in their own homes.

The Flight Simulator genre has been somewhat deprecated in recent years, but Microsoft will release a new game in the Flight Simulator series in 2020, the first since Flight Simulator X 2006. Simply called Microsoft Flight Simulator this genre might energize and force more studios to create new aviation.

While flight simulators can cost a large amount of money, there are many practical options that will not cost you any money. From a traditional flight simulator to one that sparks some combat in battle, take a look at the best flight simulators available that don’t cost you a dime to fly.

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The Sims Old School Civic Journey

GeoFS (web browser)

Why let something like not being able to download a game hold you back from a flight simulator?  GeoFS runs entirely in your browser, and you literally just click away from flying on a plane now. Using your joystick, mouse, or your computer’s keyboard, you can take off and fly around the world in one of 20 aeroplanes, and if you’re on the go, you can even fly with your mobile device.

Adjusting the throttle and taking off for the first time is very simple, and you can quickly customize the controls at any time, as well as pull up helpful instructions to help you on your first trip. If you have no luck with multi-engine aeroplanes, you can always switch to a more traditional helicopter model, and alternatively, the emulator also includes a hot air balloon, helicopter, and even a glider. We’re not suggesting starting on a glider from 30,000 feet in the air.

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The paid version of GeoFS includes better images with higher resolution but you need best laptops for flight simulator, but the free version still supports great multiplayer interaction. At any time, you can collide with another player flying in the sky, and you’ll even find commercial jets in real-time, along with the changing weather conditions. These conditions are based on real-time data from Open Weather Map, so the rain or sleet you experience will be exactly what actual pilots are dealing with. It’s definitely not the prettiest flight simulator on our list, but that’s the trade-off when your game can run almost any device.

Do you want to see where you will face other players? The GeoFS live map of all tracks in the air at any moment. All you have to do is right-click on any of the planes, select the altitude to start from and you’ll instantly be in the air in the same location. The hike over the African Sahara is really beautiful, even when your plane crashes and begins to descend on foot thousands of feet. Over 30,000 different runways are available to take off, so you’re unlikely to run out of places to see.