How To Choose The Correct Rifle Scope Ring Mounts?

Rohan Mathew

As part of setting up your shooting equipment, it is vital that you select the correct riflescope ring mount in order to achieve the best results. In doing so, you will be able to ensure that you make the most of your shooting experience. 

Riflescope ring mounts are essentially circular clamps that help hold the riflescope. These rings can be connected to the base of the gun. 

Before buying a riflescope ring mount, there are a few things you should consider. Here are a few things you should look for before buying a rifle scope ring mount. 

Ring Height

It is possible to buy rifle scopes in many different shapes and sizes. The size of the objective lens of the riflescope makes a significant difference in the height of the ring. As a result, it is always important that you ensure that the ring you are going to purchase has the correct height. 

If you look at the ring height, you will find that there are several options available, including short, medium, and high. In order to figure out the precise measurement for the riflescope, you need first to confirm that the objective lens has sufficient space to allow it to be attached to the receiver without making contact with the barreled action. 

Additionally, you should check the fit of the ring using the product page and measure the height of the ring above the receiver top. You can find plenty of resources on Hold Right Edge for more information. 

The majority of people make the mistake of getting a tall ring for all their scopes, but this is something we don’t recommend. In place of that, you should make the most of your scope’s range of height. If you want to do so, make sure that you mount the ring closer to the receiver. 

You can do this most of the time, except if you have low cheekbones. You wouldn’t be able to look through the scope easily if you have a low cheek weld. In such a case, you should buy a tall ring.

Types of Rings

You can choose from many different types of ring mounts when you buy ring mounts.

Here are some of those types: 

Weaver Style Rings 

The weaver-style rings are available in all kinds of materials, ranging from aluminum to steel, and so on. In fact, you can even find these rings in a combination of aluminum and steel. Rings of this type can be clamped to a 78.5-inch wide base. 

Furthermore, these rings come with a metal bar screw underneath that can fit the 0.18 wide recoil slots on the base. The recoil system helps prevent any fore and aft movement of the scope, especially when you handle it and recoil. One of the great things about Weaver-style rings is that they can be detached and reattached easily. This makes swapping rings a very easy and hassle-free process.

Extension Ring

Next, we will take a look at the extension rings. It is important to point out that these rings come with a cantilever portion that lets you mount them at a shorter distance. When you need to mount short scopes on long rifles, these rings will come in handy. Another great thing about these rings is that they help relieve strain on the eyes. 

⅜ inch Dovetail Ring

If you are looking for a ring mount for a grooved receiver, then you should consider the ⅜ inch dovetail ring. Grooved receivers come with lengthwise cuts that allow the rings to be attached firmly. 

Although these rings come with a ⅜ inch diameter, you can also attach tubes with diameters such as 30mm,  1”, ⅞ inch, and so on.  Also known as the 1-inch tip-off ring, these rings are also compatible with weaver-style bases. 

Easy Detachable Rings

As the name suggests, these rings can be easily attached and detached from the riflescope. These rings come with a level that allows for ease of removal. With these rings, you can easily remove the scope for transportation, maintenance, exchange, and other purposes. 

Ring Size

Choosing the correct ring size is also very important. Riflescope tubes come in a variety of sizes, including 1 inch, 30 mm, and 34 mm diameter. Your ring mount must fit in these tube sizes easily.

The ring mount for each size comes with two horizontally split circles that can be clamped around the riflescope’s body. You have to make sure that the size is not so tight that it damages the scope for a perfect fit.  


When it comes to choosing a ring mount for your riflescope, there are many things that you need to consider. Apart from the type of the ring mount, you should also look at the ring height and ring size before buying one!