How To Create A Chic Closet For Your Champ At Your Budget?

Berry Mathew

How to Create a Chic Closet for Your Champ at Your Budget?

Your kids have grown big and are shifting to their rooms. Their room is going to be their personal space, and they don’t want anything old as they want everything new in their new room. While getting huge wardrobes can be a bit expensive as your child might not need that much space, at the same time, you need to make sure that it fits your budget. Here are some ideas that you can use to make your child’s wardrobe under your budget.

Use Detachable Shelves

While making your wardrobe space for your little champs, you should always use shelves that can be removed and plucked easily. With these shelves, you can create numerous racks where your kids can store their clothes. These shelves can be made with wood, and a strong stand can be brought from the furniture store that will fit these wooden planks towards the wall. This idea won’t cost you much and will look new and sophisticated. Use colors like white or pastel to make it look classier. You can always fold in your boys sports shorts and keep them tidy.

Open Wardrobe

This is a new concept and is very trending in the west. The open wardrobe is a closet without a door. Whatever is there inside can be seen. There will be shelves to put your child’s inner garments, but the hanger spaces and the shelves below will be in public view. These ideas are going viral, and people have started to adopt such ideas. There is a big advantage of keeping this closet in your son’s room, he will have to keep it clean as anyone can enter and see the mess. This will help them build good habits for the coming future.

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Fashion Display

Boys, would you like to have your clothes on display in your room? This idea is also getting popular amongst this generation. When you use white tubes and strong stands with numerous hangers, your fashion display is ready. The advantage is that you will be able to clear old clothes and keep the room clean and tidy. You can also combine them with detachable shelves that give an excellent look to the overall fashion display. You can put your shirts and jackets on hangers and kids boys shirts and inners on the shelves.

Separate Shelves for Shoes

Boys have an amazing collection of shoes and they don’t want them to give it away that easily. You can create a shelf for them that fits all their shoes. This way you don’t have to mix them up with the clothes and you can fit more clothes into their closet. An open display of shoes gives an amazing rustic look to your champ’s room and also helps him understand how many pairs he has and how many he needs.

Use the Corners of the Room

When your son shifts to his room, make every space worth a use. Make a shelf in the corner for his shoes, accessories like socks, and a mirror. Make another corner his casual wear closet and another corner his outdoor outfit closet. This will help me more organizing and he will understand which closet to look at if he needs something. This will also give him some extra space in the room that he can use for a different purpose. 

These are some budget-friendly ideas you can use for your champ’s wardrobe. These are new, trendy, and creative and won’t put a hole in your pockets. Not only the decor, but you also need good quality clothes from the best brands for your champ. You should check Rookie USA if you are looking for something trendy.