How to Dress Your Baby When It’s Cold

Albert Howard

How to Dress Your Baby When It's Cold

During the cold season, warm baby clothes become a key requirement. Toddlers and infants are more vulnerable to cold as their bodies’ ability to regulate body temperatures is not fully developed. Dressing a baby for cold weather needs extra time and planning, especially for cold faces, hands and feet.

But how can you keep your baby warm and cosy without overheating? This post will shed light on various ways to keep your young ones warm and comfortable during the cold season.

Multiple layering

Layering is an important aspect of dressing babies for the cold weather. In this step, it’s recommended to wrap your baby in one more layer compared to what you’re wearing. Wrapping the baby helps to keep them warm during the cold. The best part about layering is that you can conveniently remove a layer or two to prevent the baby from overheating.

Start with a high-quality base layer to draw moisture from their skin and regulate their temperature.

Use a warm hat

When it’s cold, it’s a great idea to cover your little one’s ears and head with a warm hat. Get a hat that has ear flaps or can go down over the ears. Feel the hat’s inside and ensure the material is not scratchy and irritates your kid. Many baby hats in the market are usually lined with fleece to ensure they’re insulated and comfortable.

Pick a baby hat with a strap to secure the hat under the baby’s chin. Securing the hat to their chin prevents them from possible puling the hat.

Put mittens on their hands

Babies’ hands tend to become cold quickly because they have small fingers. It’s a great idea to put on thick, warm mittens to protect their hands. Look for mittens that your little one can’t easily pull off. If your baby’s onesie has some hand covers at the cuffs, you should fold them over their hands to provide an additional layer of protection.

Pick footed pyjamas and wearable blankets

Before your little ones go to bed, it’s a great idea to put them in footed, cotton boys and girls pyjamas that cover their feet, legs, and arms. If your little one’s room is quite cold, it’d be best to put a sleeveless vest or onesie under the pyjama.

Another way to keep your baby warm during cold weather is to button or zip them into a wearable blanket, especially when their bedrooms are cold. Some baby sleep bags come in various sizes, while others come as a one-size-fits-all. Set your little one into light boys or girls pyjamas, put them into a wearable blanket, and snap or zip them in. Most of these wearable blankets come with wraps you can use to tuck around your little one to keep them feeling swaddled.


Whether you choose just a coat or go for an all-in-one, protecting your baby’s feet and hands helps maintain their optimal temperature. Always use layering to keep your baby warm and cosy. Also, mittens and baby hats are a must-have for babies during cold weather.