How To Ease Performing Repetitive Tasks On A Laptop?

Rohan Mathew

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Sometimes you need repetitive tasks on a laptop, but they create boredom while doing them every time. Therefore, you need some automatic applications which make all the repetitive tasks in one go. These programs are automators or auto clickers that built mini operations in your system to do automatic clicks to save your time.

Saving time is the most important for you especially when you are doing some crucial tasks. But repeating the same strategy may bore you. So, these Tools for autoclicking increases speed of repetitive tasks that are done manually. 

These tools are extremely powerful and can make your hour’s tasks be completed in just seconds. But the question is that how you can start your daily repetitive tasks with automatic software on Laptop.

Let’s begging…

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AutoHotkey is probably the most traditional tool for windows operating system for automation. It was developed for the hotkeys command but later on, it has many advanced features. Auto Hotkey is a very powerful tool for repetitive tasks on laptops but it’s less favorable for users.

One of the difficulties with this tool is not having an interface and menus for the users. But it needs specific code commands to run the process. Although it’s a better option we would suggest it due to its complex functioning commands.

Phrase Express for Expansion

If you are making reports, filling some documents, and preparing the files which have some words or sentences which frequently repeat. You need to type them hundreds of times per day. So, this phrase express is the best tool to help you out with the amazing features.

When you write a few words or text, press the key which is designed for expansion to add multiple words at the same time. Phrase Express is offering a 30-day free trial after which you will have to pay for them to use this tool for repetitive tasks on a laptop.

Format Factory

Do you deal with media files like video, audio, and other formats? Format factory converts all files into the latest formats for the easiness of the person. But what happens If you need conversion of multiple files at a time. It will take several hours to convert every single file format. Therefore, Format Factory can convert the bulk of media files into the desired formats which are suitable for you.

Just install the software to run smoothly on your Windows. But the drawback of this tool is the malware which may affect your computer files. So be careful while using this.

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Rename Multiple Files At Once

Bulk name utility is an amazing small tool for renaming multiple files at once. Suppose you have a very old file report, and you have to change the names of some files. It will not be possible manually to change the name of files that are not in order. So, this tool uses some filters and rules to rename the remote bulk files.