What are the different types of dog crate you can buy

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If you’ve just adopted a puppy, a must-have is a dog crate. The hundebure simplifies potty training, keeps you safe at home, and provides your dog’s own space to feel protected. You need to choose a hundebure of the right size and shape. In addition, selecting a cage makes it easier to train your puppy and allows new members of your family to live in peace with you.

Before choosing a crate, you need to measure the length from your dog’s nose to the root. Also, when standing, the dog’s nose and butt should not touch both ends of the crate.

  1. Soft side dog crate

The soft side dog cage (on the left in the image above) is made of soft mesh or something close to its texture. Some soft boxes have a steel tube frame to make the box look like a cage/den structure, while others look like a backpack or carrying case.

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Strong Points:

  • Soft side dog cages are ideal for air travel and car travel. It’s convenient to carry, so it’s perfect for traveling. Many airlines approve this type of pet cage for use in cabins.
  • The soft pet cage folds flat for easy storage.
  • These cages are usually the most comfortable for pets.

When is a soft sidebox recommended?

The most significant selling point of pet hundebure made of mesh material is its portability and weight. Therefore, most dog owners choose these cages for travel, whether by car, plane, or other means. However, there are many safety precautions to keep in mind with these pet cages, which are generally not remembered by all of us.

  1. Plastic dogcrate

The plastic pet cage is between the soft side and the metal dog cage. They are not the most attractive boxes you can buy (in fact, most of them look very cheap and unattractive). However, depending on the reason for your purchase, your work may be completed and comes with your list of benefits.

Plastic hundebure are certainly stronger than soft side cages and can give your dog a little more privacy than metal wire cages. However, even with all the holes in the cage, ventilation is not always sufficient, and the dog cannot stay there long. Plastic boxes may or may not be easy to clean, depending on the type you purchase.

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Strong Points:

  • The plastic dog cage is easy to clean. A quick hose is sufficient.
  • They are durable. Thick plastic is hard to break
  • They are closed and thick, creating a more “den” feel to the dog.
  1. Metal or wire dog crate

Metal dog cages and wide dog cages (pictured above) are often considered cages, kennels, or dog cages. These boxes are exactly what you can imagine: a structure made of metal cables (for you and your dog) that is very well ventilated and provides excellent visibility.

Metal pet cages are the best choice for puppies who like to chew a lot. It is almost impossible to destroy these types of cages (although certain large breeds do). Their best points are their robustness, visibility, and added airflow, but their most significant drawback is heavy and difficult to transport. Large and sturdy dogs also have sturdy cages made of more robust metal. They are often more expensive and unsuitable for travel but impossible to break.

Strong Points:

  • Most metal dog cages fold flat for easy portability.
  • Easy to clean. Some have a lower tray that can be slid for cleaning.
  • Dogs cannot pass through these types of pet cages.
  • This type of cage does not absorb odors and remains odorless.
  1. Wooden crate for dogs

As the title suggests, most dog cages made of wood prioritize fashion and style. They are often well suited for decorating your home and look the best of all the pet cages listed in this article.

Many pet owners who know that these cages are not moved often or use them as “fixed” pet cages and at the same time have alternatives to travel, choose wooden dog cages, Often kept at home for dogs to rest.

Strong Points:

  • The wooden hundebure definitely looks great, and while acting as a nightstand or table can add a touch to your home decor, it’s very heavy, difficult to clean, and all dogs respond well to them.
  • They can easily fit into the exterior of the house. For example, they can act as shelves or side tables that provide a usable surface.