How To Find the Best Flexible Packaging Manufacturers Near Me for My Business

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Not all businesses are the same, and nor are all flexible packaging manufacturers. When it comes to finding the best flexible packaging manufacturers near you to suit your business needs, it’s a good idea to first identify those needs. For example, does your product require custom Mylar bags or child-resistant zippers? Use the following four defining questions to identify your needs so that you can find the nearby manufacturer that’s best for your business.

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  1. What Type of Packaging Do You Need?

Flexible packaging manufacturers serve an incredible range of markets, from snack foods, cheese and dairy, and frozen foods to lawn and garden, supplements, and natural and organic. If you produce snack foods, for example, you’re likely interested in snack pouches and bags, including those that feature hang holes for premium display opportunities in stores and on shelves. If you’re a frozen food manufacturer, you may be more interested in lay-flat or stand-up bags that give you a higher product-to-package ratio than other packaging options. Whatever your product, think about what might be the best packaging for transporting, storing and displaying it.

2. What Kind of Closure Features Do You Need?

Whether you manufacture snack foods or supplements, packaging closures are often a critical feature. For instance, resealable zippers allow consumers to enjoy their snack or supplement at its freshest at their leisure. If you manufacture products such as herbal supplements, medications or household cleaners, you may require packaging with certified child-resistant zippers. For example, child resistant Mylar bags that are also puncture- and tear-resistant may be a great choice if you manufacture herbal cough drops.

  1. Do You Require Recycled or Sustainable Packaging?

Recycled or sustainable packaging is not only important to today’s companies and their products but also to their consumers who are willing to pay more for sustainable products. Many flexible packaging manufacturers invest in sustainable inks and films, energy-efficient production processes and waste recycling. If recycled or sustainable packaging is important to you and your business, note this as a must-have item in your search for the best manufacturer near you.

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  1. Do You Require Branding and Marketing Packaging?

Many companies require packaging that not only describes but also brands and markets its contents. For example, nutritional supplement manufacturers benefit from listing ingredients, usage recommendations, and stay-fresh information and instructions on the packaging. Today’s flexible packaging manufacturers can apply high-quality digital and custom printing processes to product packaging that not only define the product but brand and promote it, too. Vivid, photo-quality images are one of the many benefits of high-quality digital printing.

Now that you’ve considered these four defining questions make a list of your critical needs, such as custom Mylar bags or child-resistant zippers. Then, conduct an online search for nearby flexible packaging manufacturers that offer these features or services. Include “flexible packaging” and your critical needs, such as “sustainable,” as keywords. Once you create a manufacturer shortlist, plan to speak with a representative to find out more about each one’s offerings.