Proctoring Services as a Rescue to the Remote Online Exams

Rohan Mathew

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Remote online proctor examinations are trending in the education industry. It is about seeking professional certification from far off institutes with lesser trouble. Consequently, more organisations and institutes are investing in proctor service providers who offer the ability and opportunity to handle their student’s exams from any place and at any time, with a simple use of a webcam & a live proctor using AI technology.

Those educational institutes who have converted their exam processes into a remote proctored form refer to it as the next best thing. And those who are still sceptical about this are worried for the exam’s integrity, how to check if the person giving the exam is the same candidate registered with the institute, how to check if the candidate is not cheating or using his phone or any other method of browsing stuff from the internet. The level of accountability is at stake & credibility is to be ensured to fulfil the requirements of the institution. Their security is to be assured complying with the universal laws. Those who are sceptical would not want to get into new things and would prefer to keep control with them. It is because reliance comes where there is faith.

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The dilemma is for real because it all depends on the organisation offering proctor for the exam. The organisation’s credibility depends on the state-of-art services provided fulfilling the key security requirements with minimal risk of candidates cheating. Also, if the right proctor for the exam is not selected, it might completely change the meaning. Thus, the purpose of conducting such exams might lose its value.

One must undertake an adequate amount of research and find a proctor service provider who has been certified under international standards for the integrity of exams, quality management and security of the data. Sometimes, the organisation provides proctor services which are necessary to be looked after, such as, if they ask for a checklist containing the requirements for installation of software and memory storage which would probably add more to the cost of the client. Such conditions could be inadmissible or might turn out more hard to manage.

The professional proctor should be trained enough to direct the candidate to perform the test most simply. Overall, the organisation offering such services must be reliable in a way that it is accredited by an authorised government body assuring their valid assessment and evaluation for what they offer. The above conditions are the only necessary conditions to select an adequate proctor for the exam. It is then easy to decide from where to outsource their conduct of remote online exams.

It is one side of the coin where the consumer’s interest is given the utmost importance. On the other hand, proctoring service providers are dealing with the institution’s majority issues of credibility and integrity while competing amongst each other to maintain their position in the market. It helps them improve their automated processing systems and thus more efficient in execution.

Proctoring services add more comfort and convenience to human-based management systems. They provide a standardised platform ensuring advanced invigilation services to fulfil the institution’s requirements. Online analytics software is formulated with skill assessment tools to provide simplified and refined analytical reports for their easy review.

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3-point candidate authentication method is used to verify the authenticity of the candidate attempting exam. The person beneath the webcam is identified by comparing (a) the photograph of the candidate on the application form (b) and to the government-approved Id-proof, as submitted by the candidate before the conduct of the examination. Artificial intelligence proctor manages the above tool for verification. It is performed to ensure fool-proof security to the candidate giving the exam. Remote online exams are time-constrained exams where the software monitors the candidate’s presence in front of the webcam along with audios & visuals. This software is applied to detect any suspicious activity performed by the candidate to cheat in the exam. Artificial intelligence uses algorithms to auto-flag faulty cases. Proctored exams are planned by using algorithms and machine learning tools.

A physical proctor audits the candidates when they are giving their exams. They use AI technology to ensure the candidates are not using any false measures to cheat in the exam. Proctor does live examination while recording the candidate’s presence during the exam at all times. They use AI technology to detect the time frame for when the candidate is found away from the screen or caught using a phone or doing some other suspicious activities. Tools are adjusted with the time frame allowed for multiple listed violations. A live proctor can warn the examinee on the spot in such cases and even terminate their exam.

The candidates deposit a 360-degree view of the remote location from where the exam is being taken. The system records the same and if any variation is detected which is inappropriate to the recorded 360-degree view, the software can mark if any other person is found hovering around the candidate’s screen to help him in his exam. Also, it automatically alarms the candidate with a warning. Special security browsers are used to lock the candidate’s computer screen so that he does not try to look for answers on other search platforms. The level of credibility and integrity is checked by a formulated credibility index.

To maintain the performance level adequate and universally reliable, the sheer level of intricate default conditions are taken into consideration while framing the conduct of such exams. Geofencing ability is used for the automated generation of result reports. These reports are simple in a manner to be easily read and reviewed by the professional human proctor.

Proctoring services are a rescue to the costsinvolved in the arrangement of a large workforce and physical centres for the conduct of such examinations. Remote proctored service providers have the potential to provide much convenience to the education industry with the combination of advanced technology and proctoring services, which can lead to the overall development of the human resource.